Workshops for Warriors Nonprofit School Is the Ticket to a Clearer Transition for our Veterans
Workshops for Warriors Nonprofit School Is the Ticket to a Clearer Transition for our Veterans

| 08/11/2016

For most of us in the US Army community, it’s no secret that the skills many of our service members master in uniform do not transition into the civilian world. The Military spends 4 months training someone for Military life, but just 4 days training someone for civilian life. Read More...

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A path to leadership – WOC Pre-course
A path to leadership – WOC Pre-course

| 12/17/2015

So you want to be a warrant officer? But you are not sure if you can commit to aggressive training and an academic regiment that the candidate selection process demands. The Army Reserve, in concert with the Army National Guard, is promoting Warrant Officer Candidate (WOC) Pre-course. It is being conducted at Army National Guard Regional Training Centers in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Louisiana. WOC Pre-course is an intensive three-day program of instruction designed to immerse prospective Warrant Office Candidates (WOCs) into a realistic experience that challenges them physically, emotionally and academically. The WOC Pre-course allows cand... Read More...

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Dean College School of Continuing Studies Now Offering Certificate in Cybersecurity Studies

| 10/25/2015

With an ever increasing dependence on technology to support our daily personal, business and national security activities, cybercrimes have dramatically increased over the past decade, exposing sensitive information and imposing a huge cost on our economy. To address this rapidly growing area of concern, many institutions of higher education have developed programs focused on educating students in areas of cybersecurity including functional IT, strategy, risk assessment and response for the purposes of combating all forms of cybercrime and ensuring our national security is protected from computer based threats.  Read More...

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Study skills for the online adult learner

| 02/20/2013

Courtesy Imagine completing your college degree while sitting in front of your home computer, wearing your favorite pajamas. You accomplish this feat entirely online, at night and on weekends, all while serving full-time in the military. Is this a dream? Not anymore. Distance learning is reality. Read More...

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Your Top 4 education benefits

| 02/20/2013

Courtesy Have you been thinking about getting your degree, but time, money or both seem to make it impossible? Fortunately there are several military benefits specifically designed to help you find the time and money to get that degree. Read More...

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5 Tips for Testing Your Way to a Degree

| 02/20/2013

Courtesy Although you have probably heard of the College Level Exam Program or CLEP tests, you may not know that these credit-by-exam tests are widely accepted by colleges and universities. Read More...

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How to develop good study habits
How to develop good study habits

| 02/20/2013

Navy Lifelines Starting college or returning to school as an adult can be daunting, but when you’re a servicemember or military spouse, it can seem overwhelming. The idea of taking statistics or chemistry may make you hesitate, but don’t let doubts stand in your way. Opportunities for both military and civilian education are virtually everywhere. Developing solid study habits will help your personal success as a student. It will also give you ideas to help your children develop lifelong skills that they can begin refining long before they send out college applications. Read More...

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Personal significance and legacy — a high value higher education
Personal significance and legacy — a high value higher education

| 09/12/2011

An often-unnoticed opportunity is spread across the United States in a system of higher education that is centered on the Word of God – a collection of almost 100 colleges and universities accredited through the Association of Biblical Higher Education. They’re located from Hawaii to Maine, Alaska to Puerto Rico; in urban centers and beautiful countryside settings. They offer an exciting array of programs of study and can be experienced through traditional on-campus settings, on-line delivery systems, or dynamic combinations of on-line and face-to-face classes. The roots of this system of education reach back over 2,000 years to Chr... Read More...

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