104th Training Division (Leader Training) Best Warrior Competition Held at Fort Knox


FORT KNOX, Kentucky — The 104th Training Division (Leader Training) Best Warrior Competition culminated March 21 at Palma Hall with the recognition of three of the division’s top Soldiers and the opportunity to compete for the awards at the 108th Training Command.

The Best Warrior Soldier of the Year was awarded to Spc. Michael Glosemeyer, the Best Warrior NCO of the Year was awarded to Sgt. 1st Class Cameron Temple and the Best Warrior Drill Sergeant of the Year was awarded to Staff Sgt. Timothy Copeland.

On March 18, the 13 competitors from across the division arrived at Fort Knox for in-processing and the four-day event that tested their mental and physical abilities. They were highly motivated and excited to give the events their all, starting with squad advanced marksmanship training, followed by a written test and a 60-question exam to close out the first day.

On the second day, the competitors started their morning with the Army Combat Fitness Test, with some marking their introduction to the test. The competitors then completed individual weapons qualification, firing the M9 pistol at Fraser Range. Day 2 was a physically demanding day for the competitors as they moved to the rappel tower and obstacle course.

The 13 competitors started Day 3 with more individual weapons qualification, this time with the M16 rifle at the George Blair and Wood ranges. Then they ruck marched to Gammon Pool for the combat water survival test. Surprisingly after talking to the competitors, this was their favorite event. Sgt. Deepak Jacobi said, “It was honestly so refreshing hopping into the pool after everything we had done. Yes, with our boots on in the pool it was difficult, but I really enjoyed it.”

Wrapping up the challenges, the competitors returned to the barracks to get cleaned up for an appearance in front of the board.

The 104th Training Division (LT) is headquartered at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., with units and missions that stretch across the country, from coast to coast. The Timberwolves’ mission is to provide leader training support to the United States Army Cadet Command, United States Army Military Academy, United States Merchant Marine Academy and select Reserve Officer Training Corps universities across the nation to build future leaders of the Army.


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