108th Griffon Assoc. Continues to March


Chad O’Donnell accepts his scholarship from the 108th Griffon Association. He is a rising junior at USC Columbia with a major in Broadcast Journalism.

The 108th Griffon Association continues to support the 108th Training Command and other military service related organizations in an outstanding manner. To do this, funds must be raised from several sources to support the many areas of commitment.

The most significant event is the annual golf tournament held each year at the Pine Island Country club near Charlotte, N.C. Preceded by considerable behind the scenes coordination and detailed planning, this event has continually succeeded in providing a large part of the resources necessary to fulfill the Griffon mission.

This year (2017) was no exception. On 25 September, 23 teams consisting of 92 golfers including retired service members, numerous civilian partners, and current military gathered for a full day of golf, fun, and comradeship. As always, the 282nd Army Band voluntarily provided spirited music to energize the day along with welcoming greetings by the tournament organizers, MG (Ret) Charles (Skip) McCartney and 1SG (Ret) Bruce McGinnis.

Henry Chapin presents Jake Harris a check for his scholarship from the 108th Griffin Association.


Golfers participating in this year’s event finish the day with a good meal and conversation.


Jerryana shows off her scholarship check standing outside her department’s building on campus before her first class.


By the end of the day, to include a delicious evening meal, an estimated $10,830 plus was generated from Griffon Association endeavors. Some may wonder about the former ranks or those organizing, volunteering, and participating in such an event. One of the founding criteria is that there would be no rank as in some other similar organizations. It is Skip, Bruce, Tom, Frank, and so forth. This makes for a welcoming, informal, and friendly environment where old and new friends can meet and enjoy each others company.

A majority portion of this $10,830 will be given as scholarships to present and past members of the 108th TC and all its subordinate divisions’ soldiers, or their dependants up to and including grandchildren.

This year (2017) the association received 16 applications for scholarships. The review committee had a most difficult time in deciding who qualified. All applications were exceptional and all qualified for a scholarship. Seven were determined to be the best of the best and only 0.7 of a grading point separated the eighth through 16th applications.

As a result, $9,750 total was awarded to the 16 deserving individuals. These awardees came from across the command, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, Ohio, and California.

Scholarship applications for the 2018-2019 academic year are now being accepted with a deadline of April 1, 2018. The application can be obtained through the 108th Griffon Association web site www.108thGriffonassoc.com.

This organization could not and cannot exist in the future without a good membership base. The present small group of retired 108th soldiers cannot continue to sustain and enlarge the association without the assistance of a good and loyal membership base. It is for this reason we encourage those of you reading this article that are not members to strongly consider and join the 108th Griffon Association.

The second method of raising operating funds is annual, tax deductible, membership dues of only $10.00 (the same as when the association was founded in 1999), and life memberships of only $108.00 tax deductible dollars.

The third method of raising funds is by a direct tax-deductible donation. You can use a membership application to make such a donation and mail it to the address shown on the application.

With a very minimal operating expense, all the membership and donated dollars will be directed back to the 108th TC or to a worthy service related organization such as the USO. Please act now to support this most worthy organization.


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