108th Griffon Association 2019 Update

The year 2019 has been an eventful and gratifying one for the 108th Griffon Association. Much has been accomplished. Most satisfying was financial assistance to a Soldier of a 108th Tng Cmd unit, who was injured in a training accident, with a subsequent delay in the INCAP pay determination, which resulted in a family financial crisis. The Association provided him and his family with several thousand dollars in grants to sustain them until the military relief was implemented.

This type of commitment is one of the primary missions of the Association. We encourage any soldier of the 108th Training Command faced with an in line of duty situation where LOD processing has been unnecessarily delayed to contact the 108th Training Command family support office for information on the application process and qualification requirements.

The monies to support the Association’s missions come from membership, donations, and particularly the annual golf tournament held each September at the Pine Island Country Club near Charlotte, North Carolina. This year (2019), $12,157.03 was raised to support the 108th Training Command and various other Soldier/Veteran groups. The 2020 golf tournament is scheduled for 28 September. You can support this effort through Tee/Hole sponsors, donations, and event sponsors, or better yet, signing up to play golf. The occasion is always a day of relaxation, fun and especially fellowship. You won’t be disappointed.

Annual Picnic

The annual membership picnic was held on 5 October at the Kings Mountain National Battlefield where a decisive victory was won over the British during the Revolutionary War. Twenty-five members were present including the 108th Trianing Command Maj. Gen. Kate Leahy. Good southern type Bar B Que, good fellowship, a briefing of the latest 108th Training Command activities plus the opportunity to interact with the re-enactors of the battle were enjoyed by all.

Each year the Association supports several veteran type organizations that provide support to Soldiers/Veterans from across the military, including the 108th and its units. This year (2019) donations went to Veterans Restoration Quarters in Asheville, North Carolina, a facility for homeless and disabled veterans, Purple Heart Homes, USO of Charlotte, Freedom and Hope Foundations, and others. Other worthy needs throughout the 108th Command are also eligible. However, we must know about a need if support is to be granted.

Another support function of the organization is to provide funds to the 108th Training Command and its subordinate units for items that must be financed through non-appropriated funds. It has been several years since this has been utilized. Funds are available, but again only if we know about the activity and its need.

Apply Now for Scholarships

Scholarships for present and past 108th Training Command personnel and their dependants including spouses, children, and grandchildren are a big part of the Association’s mission. Over the past eight years over $50,000 has been awarded with $7,000 awarded in 2019. The time for applying for a fall 2020 scholarship is now, with the cutoff date for applications being 1 April 2020. A copy of the application is included with this article and can also be obtained through our website www.108thGriffonassoc.com.


Last but not least, all of the association’s activities and support functions are dependent on membership. For only $10 per year or $108 for a lifetime membership you may be assured that all the money received, with the exception of a very small administrative expense, will be funneled directly back to the 108th Training Command/Veterans, and 108th units, Soldiers and Families. An application is included with this article or can be obtained from our web site www.108thGriffonassoc.com.

May you have a rewarding and prosperous year in 2020.



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