108th Griffon Association Fulfilling Its Mission

The 108th Griffon Association has had a busy winter and spring fulfilling its mission of support to the 108th Training Command.

One of these missions is to create an environment where present and past members can gather socially to renew old friendships and cultivate new ones.

Accordingly, this year’s spring picnic was at the Weston Lake recreation area of Ft. Jackson, S.C. Approximately 30 plus members gathered to include three retired past commanders of the command, Maj. Gen. Goldsmith, Maj. Gen. Robinson and Maj. Gen. McCartney, along with a number of officers and NCOs who had previously not attended one of these gatherings.

After a delicious lunch of BBQ pork and chicken with all the trimmings, a very informative talk was given by the Ft. Jackson commanding general, Maj. Gen. Roger L. Cloutier, Jr. His most interesting remarks were about recent changes to the Army and at Ft. Jackson including how and why this particular installation is growing even though the Army is downsizing and money is tighter. The relationship between Ft. Jackson and the 108th Training Command is a strong one based on the ongoing missions undertaken by the command’s subordinate units. The 108th Training Command is a definite part of their team and mission.

A second mission of the Griffon Association is to award post secondary scholarships to deserving individuals. So far this year seven scholarships have been awarded totaling $8,500. Seven applications were received and all were deemed to be worthy of an award. The top three recipients, according to the judges who all have an academic background, were awarded $1,500 each and the remaining four were awarded $1,000 each.

These scholarships are available to any active reservist in good standing throughout the entire command to include spouses, children and grandchildren. Retired and dependants of retired 108th Training Command personnel, who served honorably, are also legible for these scholarships. It is gratifying that these recipients came from all subordinate units of the command. Information for the 2016-2017 academic year will be announced in a later issue of the Griffon. The Griffon web site, www.108thgriffonassoc.com also has this information as well as other areas of interest.

A third arm of the 108th Griffon Association in keeping with our motto, “Be a Patriot Help a Soldier,” is to provide monetary assistance to soldiers who have been placed under a hardship due to training events or other forms of disability until aid is provided through normal channels. Bills keep coming regardless of one’s situation and awarded funds in the form of grants to these individuals has helped them through difficult times. Again, this assistance is available to all personnel in the headquarters and subordinate units of the 108th Training Command. Requests for review may be forwarded through normal family program channels.

The 108th Griffon Association has in the past and is available now and in the future to assist all areas of the 108th Training Command when non-appropriated funds are needed for a project. Such an example was to send care packages to deployed soldiers. Each request will be carefully examined to assure all regulations and guidelines are met.

To provide the programs discussed above, funds are needed. Our major fund raising event each year is the Soldiers and Families Golf Tournament. A day of fun and relaxation with fellow supporters of the military, both civilian and Soldiers, will assure the continued success of this organization. This year, September 26 is the date. We welcome all and especially if you can bring a group. Details for the tournament can be found elsewhere in the Griffon newspaper or on our web site. www.108thgriffonassoc.com.

All of this is moot unless we have a solid and sustaining membership. Your membership is vital to the success and continued existence of the association. For a tax deductible $10.00 a year or $108.00 for a life membership, you will have the satisfaction of helping your fellow soldiers with whatever is needed. The 108th Griffon Association’s board consists of retired officers and NCOs who have volunteered their time and expertise to make this a valid and respected organization. Except for stamps and a few other minor expenses, almost 100 percent of the monies raised are channeled back to the 108th Training Command and to its subordinate units. Visit our website to sign up.

Again, all subordinate units, (95th, 98th, 104th) are fully eligible for anything we can provide. We encourage you to contact us with your request, ideas and comments.


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