108th Training Command (IET) Junior Enlisted Promotions (SGT/SSG)

From 108TH G1 SGM

Take charge of your promotions and complete your DLC while you meet minimum time in service (TIS) and time in grade (TIG). Once complete, put your packet together and get in front of a board. TPU Soldiers will attend a board by submitting a packet. AGR Soldiers will attend in person (prepare your uniform) and submit a packet. Now that you’re recommended, get scheduled to complete your PME. Specialists seeking sergeant need Basic Leader Course (BLC) and sergeants seeking staff sergeant will attend Advanced Leader Course (ALC). 

Sergeants, ensure your NCOERs are strong and stand out above the rest. This can be done through creating a strong support form and working with your rater to ensure you are being assigned tasks that are challenging.  Compete for Best Warrior, Drill Sergeant of the Year, or Instructor of the year. Compete for EIB, ESB, EFMB or Best Squad. The current policy is the Soldier’s unit is responsible for putting together the packet, but the Soldier must ensure the unit has all required documents. Be proactive and stay engaged. It’s your promotion and your career.  

Common Reasons Promotions are Delayed:

Incomplete Packets or not submitted on time

Supporting documents not matching the ARB

Soldier Flagged (adverse action, HT/WT failure, etc)

Not completing DLC 

Not attending residency portion due to balancing family, civilian job commitments

Soldiers not tracking when eligible

No mileage election or not enough miles to obtain an open slot

Packet Requirements:

Semi-Centralized (SGT and SSG) Promotion Packet Checklist

Memo if anything required is missing

DD 214


  Proof of civilian Education (Official Transcript, College Diploma-Certified)

  Security Clearance, Date of investigation Memorandum

Copy of last NCOER 

  PME 1059s (if required)

Military Awards / Decorations

  Weapons Qual


Time in Grade 

  Time in Service

For more information:

Milsuite :   https://www.milsuite.mil/book/community/spaces/apf/s1net/promotionsenlisted/

For additional information, sample packets, checklist, etc, visit our TEAMS folder 

USARC-108thTC tab, click on “General” and select “Files” at the top, then open folder labeled “Junior Promotion Boards”

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