3-304th Regiment 3rd Battalion COC

The Soldiers of the 3-304th Regiment 3rd Battalion conducted a Change of Command between outgoing commander Lt. Col (P) Brian J. Van De Wal and incoming commander Lt. Col Andrew R. Craven, and Change of Responsibility Ceremony between outgoing CSM Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin Pattershall and Command Sgt. Maj. Clint Hale at Trophy Point Amphitheater, West Point, New York, on Saturday, 29 June 2019.

The event was hosted by Michael J. Foreman, Assistant S-3, 3-304th Regiment 3rd Battalion. Col. James P. Sanders, brigade commander, 2nd Brigade, 104th Training Division (Leader Training), Lexington, Kentucky, served as the reviewing officer during the momentous ceremony.

Lt. Col. Craven’s most recent Army assignment began in 2016 as the United States Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) Team Chief at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Contingency Response Unit in Washington, DC. His deployments include Haiti, Kosovo, and most recently Iraq, where he served as Group Engineer for the 5th Special Forces Group.

Command Sgt. Maj. Clint Hale served in a variety of assignments including S-3 NCOIC HHC 1-398 Owensboro, KY, 1SG E Co. and A Co. 1-398 IN REGT Bowling Green, KY, Senior Drill Sergeant D Co. 1-398 IN REGT Nashville TN, Operations Sergeant 1108th MOB Support Battalion Ft. Campbell KY, Senior Advisor, Iraqi NCO Academy, Taji, Iraq, Training NCO B Co. 2-398 IN REGT, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Senior Drill Sergeant (SSG) D Co. 2-39 IN REGT, Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Senior Drill Sergeant (SSG) B Co. 2-398 IN REGT, Madisonville, Kentucky, Imbedded Senior Advisor Iraqi Intervention Force, Fallujah/FOB Falcon, Iraq, Drill Sergeant B Co. 2-398 IN REGT, Madisonville, Kentucky, NCOIC 114th EN DET, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, NCOIC 114th EN DET, Camp Doha, Kuwait, Fire Protection Specialist B Co., Pohakaloa Training Area, United States Army Support Command Hawaii, Fire Protection Specialist 467th EN DET, Garden City, Kansas.


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