3-414th Prepares for CST Mission at Fort Knox

Soldiers of Bravo Company of the 3-414th Battalion prepared for their future 2019 Cadet Summer Training (CST) Mission at Fort Knox, Kentucky by conducting a field training exercise (FTX) to Camp Rilea Armed Foreces Training Center, Warrenton, Oregon.

During the FTX the Bravo Company NCO instructors were assisting the Oregon State University (OSU) Reserve Officer Traning Corps (ROTC) with training the ROTC College Cadets from OSU on a variety of skill sets. Skill sets included an obstacle course, rappel tower, weapons, qualification course, and platoon operations. OSU ROTC Cadets hailed from three OSU Campus ROTC Programs; OSU of Corvallis, OSU Cascades of Bend, and OSU Western Oregon Unversity (EOU) of Monmouth.



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