392nd Stays Sharp

In April, Drill Sergeants and NCOs from the 2-317th Regiment supported annual weapons qualification ranges at Ft. Pickett, Virginia and Fort Meade, Maryland.

After a period of detailed coordination and mission planning, Soldiers from the 2-317th conducted their reconnaissance and rehearsals, detailing the necessary requirements for accomplishment of personnel transport, range supplies, weapons issue, ammunition handling and safe conduct for the range. Their detailed and thorough preparation culminated in the successful execution of ranges in both locations.

The 2-317th cadre provided refresher courses for the M4 that included weapon assembly and disassembly, functions checks, firing positions, and other fundamentals, a task they will repeat this summer during their primary mission: Cadet Summer Training.

Although both qualification sights boasted Soldiers from the 392nd ESB, Alpha Company, shooting at Ft. Pickett edged out their comrades with a 95 percent qualification rate while the HQ at Ft. Meade countered with 86 percent. A marked increase from previous qualification percentages, the assistance of the 2-317th and their professionalism and skill was greatly appreciated by the ESB leadership.

The 2-317th Regiment continues to build and develop relationships with other Reserve Commands and their subordinate units in order to support them in them in their efforts to be combat ready, which in turn allows the Regiment to keep their instructing skills honed and sharp for their summer training missions. 


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