8th Annual Golf Tournament Sept. 24th 2018


The 108th Griffon Association is living up to its original charter for its members with an active and engaging spring of 2018.

One of these functions is to hold an annual picnic for members of the 108th Griffon Association.  Current active soldiers in 108th Training Command units and their families can also attend with just a small fee for lunch. This past May 5, the association held its annual picnic at the Latta Plantation and Mecklenburg County Park about 10 miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina.

A full day of socializing, eating barbeque and touring the plantation property made for a most pleasant outing. As a bonus, a World War II reenactment was held with American and German reenacting soldiers in full battle gear giving those present a different kind of gathering. Most interesting was after the battle, reenactors gave a full demonstration of the weapons used in that time period. The men enjoyed the military part while the women toured the grounds and buildings.

This time of the year also completes the application, judging, and awarding process for post secondary scholarships. This year there were eight applications from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Connecticut. All of the applicants were outstanding. A scholarship of $1,000 was awarded to the top three applicants and $800 to the remaining five for a total of $7,000. The awarding of scholarships is one of the primary benefits to members of the entire command. Scholarships are open not only for college level academics but for trade and semi-professional positions, as well, and are open to all current members of the 108th Training Command and their dependents up to and including grandchildren. Scholarships are also available to any past soldiers and civilians of the 108th Training Command who have served honorably to include dependents, children, and grandchildren and are members of the Griffon Association. If you or your dependants are eligible, you are encouraged to apply for a scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year. Applications will be due 1 April 2019. You can find the application form at our website, www.108thgriffonassoc.com.

There are two other areas of Griffon Association support that have not been utilized recently. The first is financial support to the Command in areas where appropriated funds cannot be used. An example would be care packages or other support to deployed soldiers. In addition, awards for accomplishments (ie, plaque to list Soldiers of the Year over multiple years in a unit) is also another area where assistance can be provided.

A second area that has not been utilized in the last year is financial help to soldiers who have suffered a duty-related injury while performing military duties. For those who desire this type of assistance, normal family support channels should be used. Once we receive a request through the proper channels and it falls within our established criteria, assistance can be provided with minimal delay.

Do not forget the Griffon Association’s annual golf tournament which this year will be on 24 September. You are encouraged to form a group or if that is not possible to contribute directly for this event. This is our main fund raiser for the year and is where the monies to provide scholarships, events, and other assistance are derived. Information is available in the Griffon newspaper or on our website.

All of the above is moot unless we have an active and participating membership. A tax-deductible contribution of only $10 per year or a lifetime membership contribution of $108 will go very far in keeping the 108th Griffon Association alive and well. As a bonus, the first 25 new applications will receive a 108th Griffon hat along with a 108th Griffon pen. Do not wait. Be one of the 25 proud wearers of the Griffon hat and pen which can be used to write generous contributions to the association. Visit the website for your application to join.

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