8th Annual Golf Tournament September 24, 2018


Springtime and summer are busy times for the 108th Griffon Association and its members. Planning and early stages of execution, including updating and revising tournament messaging, and identifying and contacting sponsors and volunteers are getting underway for the 8th Annual Soldiers’ and Families’ Golf Tournament scheduled for the 24th of September in 2018.

This time of year starts a six-seven months process of bringing together all aspects of a successful golf tournament and means lots of work for Griffon Association supporters including members and our friends at Knight Communications without whose help we could not pull things off. Most of the money the association has available comes from proceeds of the tournament, which netted us just a little over $11,000 in 2017.


Springtime is also when our scholarship committee composed of Lin Ingram, Bob Gwaltney, and Brian Donnelly starts accepting (deadline of 1 April) and reviewing scholarship applications from young men and women who are children/grandchildren of both active reserve Soldiers and honorably retired members of the 108th Training Command and its subordinate units. Also eligible for consideration are Soldiers themselves from those units, who are pursuing post-secondary education.

The committee develops an order of merit list, which it submits to the Board of the Griffon Association with recommendations concerning the applications received. Much work goes into reviewing the applications, identifying an order of merit list and making recommendations to the board. The board then reviews the committee’s recommendations, selects the winners and decides on the amounts awarded based on the amount of funds the Association has available.

Checks go out in late June or early July. For future reference, a generic application good for any year is available by visiting our website at www.108thgriffonassoc.com.

Annual Picnic

Finally, our annual picnic is a spring/summer staple of the Griffon Association year. In 2018, the picnic will be at Latta Plantation outside of Charlotte on May 5 beginning at 1100. We will have a BarBQue lunch, social time with old friends and an opportunity to attend a WWII reenactment located near our picnic site. More information is located on our webpage of www.108thgriffonassoc.com or by contacting Skip McCartney at skip@shelby.net. Please take this opportunity to enjoy camaraderie with friends with mutual interests and a very good meal at a reasonable price.

As you might suspect all this activity requires the support of many volunteers. If you enjoy spending a little time working for a good cause and supporting Soldiers and their families, please consider joining us in our efforts. A membership application can be obtained from our website.


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