95th Training Division Drill Sergeant Spotlight – DS Diane S. Collins 3-378th BN Norman Oklahoma


Staff Sergeant Diane S. Collins, a Syracuse, New York native and Drill Sergeant from 1st BDE 95th Division, Echo Company 3-378th BN, is a recent graduate of the El Reno Police Department located in El Reno, Oklahoma. She is the first female minority in the police department’s history since its establishment in 1889. 

Collins shared that during the hiring process, having a military background separated her from a lot of people, but being a Drill Sergeant distinguished her from everyone.

Upon graduating her Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET), 16-weeks long academy for newly hired police officers, in Ada, Oklahoma she was placed in the department’s Field Training Officer (FTO) program. Before each newly graduated officer can be on their own they must shadow a seasoned officer and be evaluated on their ability to address a number of circumstances. The purpose of the FTO program is to sharpen one’s skills as a police officer. Officer Collins used her skills as a 68W, Combat Medic, on multiple occasions to render aid to the citizens of El Reno.

“My knowledge as a Drill Sergeant and a 68W has ingrained in me the ability to always exercise situational awareness and maintain a calm but confident command presence so that I can address any situation,” said Collins. She has responded to a variety of life threatening medical calls and was essential in saving the life of a pedestrian.

Her training as a Drill Sergeant has given her the ability to effectively evaluate a situation and solve problems. “It’s not always about catching the bad guys, sometimes it’s simply helping those who cannot help themselves,” says Collins.

Her command presence, professionalism and attention to detail have proven to be essential to her being the best Police Officer that she can be. “I truly believe that I will be a better Police Officer due to my military experience,” explains Collins.


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