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98th Training Division (IET) From the Commander

Brig. Gen. Dave Samuelsen CG, 98th Training Division (IET)

Greetings to all my teammates in the 98th Training Division and across 108th Training Command. It is an amazing honor to serve with all of you. Thank you to everyone for making the Change of Command a great experience with a ceremony that upheld the great traditions of our Army. 

As I get to see more accomplishments of this organization and talk to our wonderful Soldiers, the magnitude of the greatness of their IET contributions are beginning to sink in. 

America has the greatest military force ever assembled upon the face of the earth—made up of patriotic, courageous and selfless servants of our Nation. Eager young Americans have these same qualities, but lack the experience to translate their willingness into action. That’s where our team comes in—transforming wide-eyed young recruits into the Warriors of tomorrow. Whether serving as a drill sergeant, instructor, reception support, or leadership, YOU are part of that transformation. The magnitude of responsibility is certainly not lost on me, and I am grateful for your contributions.  

I got to see the fantastic work our Soldiers do recently to my trip to Fort Jackson. Command Sgt. Maj. Todd Kaim and I got to meet with 98th Training Division Soldiers supporting our active duty teammates at Fort Jackson. They were enthusiastic about welcoming America’s newest Warriors into our Army.  We also witnessed 98th Training Division Soldiers conducting a culminating training event for U.S. Navy Sailors heading OCONUS for land-based missions. As part of Task Force Marshall, our drill sergeants trained our Navy friends to shoot, move and communicate under fire. One Navy captain who was part of the training, told me that it was the one of the very best training experiences he has had in his decades long career. Our drill sergeants also gain valuable knowledge working with another service, something that definitely enhances our joint readiness. 

Speaking of partnerships, Command Sgt. Maj. Kaim and I met with Command Sgt. Maj. Jackson, the new Commandant of the Drill Sergeant Academy, and Command Sgt. Maj. Solomon, the Deputy Commandant. It was a great pleasure meeting with noncommissioned officers of their caliber and learning about the Drill Sergeant Academy. I look forward to our continued partnership with the entire team there.  

Finally, for those of you who have not heard my NCO Speech—the NCO Corps is the greatest asset of the U.S. Army. Other armies see our NCO Corps as the model of what they want, but find difficult to achieve. The U.S. Army NCO is the best at taking intent and turning into positive action and is the one to Cause Stuff to Move. It is truly an honor serving in a Division and Command that is NCO centric! 


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