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Online college education made for military -- convenient and cost effective

06/05/2011  | 

Service in the Army or Army Reserve is a great way to pay for college. And for active-duty soldiers, veterans or reservists, there’s no better way to attend college than online learning from an accredited institution with a rich history of tradition and success.

Online learning is ideal for military life thanks to flexibility of time and place. With today’s Web-enabled technologies, bachelor’s and master’s degree classes can be taken from anywhere in the world, with studies built around the demanding schedules of civilian work, military training and even extended duty or deployment. 

Many of the nation’s finest institutions of higher learning are now offering entirely online the very same degrees that were previously available only on campus. Online graduates get the exact same degree with the same accreditation and career-building clout, all without ever setting foot inside a classroom or on a traditional college campus.

Online classes are designed to be taken anytime, day or night. Instead of regularly scheduled lectures, online course material is presented for students to study and absorb at their own pace. Lively discussion forums give students a chance to interact with classmates and ask questions. Assignments and exams are administered through the online system as well, and professors are never more than an email away.

“While the courses are tough and demanding, the time required for the coursework is manageable,” says Randy Hall, an Army Reserve Colonel and graduate of the online programs at Anna Maria College. “As an Army Reserve soldier, I have found the organization and structure of the online courses to be well suited to both my military and civilian careers. I have had no problem completing assignments even while on extended military duty. I have learned a great deal from the courses and anticipate using my degree in both my civilian and military careers.”

With the wealth of education benefits available to Army soldiers and reservists, online learning isn’t just convenient, it’s extremely cost effective. By using tuition reimbursement benefits, Montgomery G.I. Bill funds, reserve duty “kickers” or other programs, online degrees can be earned at little or no cost. Meanwhile, the flexibility of online classes means coursework doesn’t have to interfere with current civilian jobs or other reserve commitments, keeping income intact while laying the foundation for future success.

When choosing an online degree program, pick a college or university with a prominent on-campus program and respected accreditation. A well-established school will have access to the most experienced professors and can offer online degree-seekers the same extensive support services available to students on campus.

Enrollment is open now for online classes in the degree program of your choice. Find the school that’s right for you, and take the first steps toward a secure and successful future with an online bachelor’s or master’s degree.

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