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As a community known for honoring the military and those who have served our country, Bryan-College Station offers a worthy spot for rest and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Because Bryan-College Station is conveniently located between Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas, an event-filled trip to Aggieland can be made within a day. It is home to the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and Texas A&M University, two institutions that hold a special fondness and respect for the military.

One of the top attractions in Texas, The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, highlights the major stepping stones taken by President George H.W. Bush throughout his life, as well as milestones and important events in United States history that occurred during his lifetime.

An exhibit details the events of World War II and the impact Pearl Harbor had on young Bush. Also, featured is a restored 1944 TBM Avenger, similar to the aircraft Bush flew in combat. Complete with a flight simulator of the TBM, a model of an aircraft carrier, and many of George Bush’s personal mementos, this display is nostalgic for any veteran. The entire museum carries pieces and segments of Bush’s entire life!

The Ansary Gallery of American History displays several prominent events in American history, offers insights on the American Presidency, and highlights important topics relevant to the Bush Administration.

See an actual piece of the Berlin Wall, a pivotal event during Bush’s presidency. The Berlin Wall/Age of Freedom is a 12 foot display of the fallen communist icon. At the kiosks nearby, other important international events during the Bush Administration are depicted through video highlights.

The Gulf War Theater provides an in-depth look at the Gulf War. The elaborate set-up includes interactive displays and fiber optic maps that tell the story of the battles in the Gulf, and a tent theater where guests can hear first-hand battle stories from servicemen who lived to tell. It’s almost as if you were there right in the thick of battle!

The Museum will participate in Blue Star Museums through Labor Day this year, which honors those who have served our country. All active-duty military personnel and their immediate families will have free admission to the museum. So whether you’re Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, an active duty National Guard, or an active duty Reserve member, come see the exhibits and displays that honor you and your courageous service.

Any serviceman is sure to be greeted with a friendly “Howdy!” on the Texas A&M University campus. The rich military history at A&M includes over 250 graduates who have earned the rank of general or admiral, and more Aggies commissioned or having served in World War II than West Point or Annapolis.

Texas A&M is known for its traditions, friendly spirit, and military influence. Originally named the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, student involvement in military training was initially required. The Corps of Cadets, now the voluntary student military body since the 1960s, is iconic in Aggieland. Always portrayed on every televised football game and always visible on campus, the Corps remains a symbol of A&M’s proud military heritage. The history of the Corps is unveiled at the Sam Houston Sanders Corps of Cadets Center, with an antique firearm collection and descriptions of Aggie traditions. Ever present during the football games, the Corps always fire off a cannon in celebration of an Aggie touchdown.

According to A&M’s website, the university is one of only six senior military colleges, and with over 2,000 men and women, “the Corps is the largest uniformed body outside the national service academies. As such it has historically produced more officers than any other institution in the nation other than the academies.” On average, 40% of cadets become commissioned as military officers.

Bryan-College Station offers more than just the main attractions. There are various museums throughout the area and a wide array of places to eat, from casual to fine dining. Downtown Bryan boasts a vibrant arts scene and shopping. Residents also enjoy less expensive movie tickets, so be sure to take advantage of that!

Visit Bryan-College Station, where we love those who have fought proudly for our country! Enjoy the memorials offered by the George Bush Library and Museum and A&M, or check out our museums and attractions around town.
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