Pirate’s Dinner Adventure launches new show:

The Curse of Poseidon’s Treasure

09/12/2011  | 

Now celebrating its 15th anniversary, Pirate’s Dinner Adventure has launched its first new show since it opened in 2006, The Curse of Poseidon’s Treasure.

The show starts as Miss Katherine Eriksson, the founding archeologist of Treasure Bay takes guests on a tour of the ancient seaport with the help of her amusing assistant Freddy. 

Coincidentally they stumble upon a piece of ancient treasure — a beautiful and historically documented necklace that once belonged to the Princess Anita, a beautiful princess that had been taken hostage by Captain Sebastian the Black and his crew of villainous pirates.

Suddenly a strange light descends upon the guests and a mysterious voice reveals an ancient curse that will take our explorers and guests on an incredible journey in time and an encounter with the infamous pirate crew of the Emerald Shark!

What follows is the ultimate adventure of song, plundering, comedy, romance, entertainment and audience participation that has kept audiences enthralled and entertained throughout their swashbuckling 15 years!

“We knew our tale needed to be updated, bringing current pop-culture references to audiences,” says Imre Baross, vice president and general manager of Pirate’s Dinner Adventure. “We were able to keep many of the crowd-pleasing moments from our traditional show, while introducing new characters, new laughs and new songs that provide a new round of adventure for our guests.”

Show stopping original music plays out on a replica of an 18th century Spanish galleon set in a 300,000-gallon lagoon! Over 150 volunteers participate in this epic production each evening, truly making Pirate’s Dinner Adventure “The World’s Most Interactive Dinner Show!”

The new show will be run seven nights a week at the Pirate’s Entertainment Complex.

For further information, including show times, group rates or to book your reservations visit www.piratesdinneradventure.com or call 800-866-2469.
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