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The University of Nebraska has deep connections to military and veteran populations stretching back into the middle of the last century. Many of its online programs have their roots in serving the needs of military students.

In response to the influx of GIs returning from World War II, the University of Nebraska at Omaha developed its Bachelor of General Studies degree. With liberal transfer credit policies and the ability to grant credit for non-traditional learning, such as military service and training, the BGS is ideal for military and veteran students.

And, with the advent of technology, seven concentrations within the BGS program are available fully online. There is no need for students to set foot on campus to earn their bachelor’s degree from this highly-respected institution.

Online BGS concentrations are: Criminology and Criminal Justice; General Administration; General Studies; Geography; Information Assurance; Information Technology; Library Science; Management Information Systems; and Nonprofit Administration.

The university also offers bachelor degree completion programs in applied science, business administration, organizational communication, education, health professions, criminal justice, and sociology.

Online classes are especially useful for military students who may deploy, PCS, or have a variable work schedule. The university provides a flexible deployment/activation policy, ensuring students aren’t penalized if military service impacts their education progress.

Offered through the Lincoln campus, the distance MBA is also an attractive program for military and veterans. The program features a modular, 10-week schedule with rolling admission, rarely found at a traditional university. This format makes it easier for students to move quickly through their program of study or accommodate scheduling challenges that may arise.

The online Master of Business Administration program consists of 16 three credit hour courses, for a total of 48 semester hours. Students may choose from four specializations – Accounting, Agribusiness, Finance, or International Business.

In addition to offering academic programs that meet the needs of military and veteran students, the university is also committed to providing support services to ensure the success of these students. This Spring, the University of Nebraska at Omaha announced the opening of a new office dedicated to military, veterans and their families. The Military and Veteran University Services Office (MaV USO) will serve as a vital resource to students, and also features a virtual presence for those who are currently deployed or stationed elsewhere.

“The staff of MaV USO have personal ties to the military community so they understand these students and have a passion to help them in pursuing a degree,” MaV USO Director Hayley Patton said.

Additional services, including an in-processing checklist, mentoring program and workshops are also part of the office.

“Our goal is to see all military and veteran students be successful at UNO,” Patton said.

The University of Nebraska is a Yellow Ribbon and Servicemembers Opportunity College school. For more information, visit http://nebraska.edu/mission.

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