Anderson, S.C.

‘All-American City’

09/04/2012  | 

Anderson County, South Carolina is quite a catch. It has it all —brains, beauty, athleticism, and of course, a prime location.

Anderson is nestled in “The Upstate’ in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and on the shores of Lake Hartwell. Visitors are able to enjoy Anderson’s golf courses, state parks and shopping — all within a two-hour drive from both Atlanta and Charlotte off the I-85 corridor.

The I-85 corridor from Atlanta to Charlotte is known as one of the nation’s hottest growth areas.

Anderson balances being close to major metropolitan areas while maintaining a multitude of outdoor recreation choices from pristine waterfalls and boating to many locally produced items and golfing at any of the area’s 10 year-round golf courses.

The National Civic League recognized Anderson as an “All-American City” in due to the variety of experiences and hospitality offered. Anderson’s Agritourism allows visits to experience the Upstate’s best products — including local honey, berries, flowers, alpaca products and milk.

Anderson’s history includes both textiles and agriculture. In fact, Anderson’s emergence in the late 19th century earned them the moniker: The Electric City. Anderson had the honor of being the first town in the south to have unlimited hydroelectric power for continuous use for the first electronically operated cotton gin and the first transmission of electricity to operate a gristmill.

Today, this legacy is honored at Generator Park on the corner of McDuffie and Whitner Streets. This 10,000 square foot park houses the century-old generator that was operated by Whitner at the Portman Power Plant. Anderson is surging forward into the future while still remembering the heritage of the past.

Anderson boasts a rich and long history. Anderson, S.C. and Anderson County were both named for Revolutionary War hero General Robert Anderson. Anderson holds the county seat. The courthouse was completed in 1827, the same time as the city’s founding, and in fact, the city used to be known as “Anderson Courthouse.”

Not only does Anderson boast a growing economy and strong infrastructure, but the South Carolina Heritage Corridor passes through Anderson County, S.C.

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