Supporting the Homeschool Community

01/11/2013  | 

The Home School Foundation is a nationwide organization whose mission is to bless homeschool families and further the cause of homeschooling.


HSF is the charitable arm of the Home School Legal Defense Association, founded in 1994 as a non-profit 501 (c)(3).  These two organizations are very closely tied in their mission to help and support the homeschool community.

HSF offers assistance to homeschooling families with specific needs ... widows, single parents, special needs, military families, curriculum relief, disaster relief, and more. Many of our state’s homeschool families have been blessed through assistance from HSF this past year.
HSF also works through an Ambassador program – each state has a State Ambassador who acts as a spearhead and a voice at events. State Ambassadors work with Community Ambassadors to identify needs and organize and implement local service projects such as repairing a widow's roof, helping a single mom with yard maintenance, or putting together backpacks of school supplies for homeschool children who would otherwise do without. In addition, ambassadors organize fundraisers to benefit homeschool families who need financial assistance.
Would you please consider volunteering as a State Ambassador or as a Community Ambassador for HSF?  Ambassadors make the work of HSF personal and tangible as they help struggling homeschool families!

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