95th Training Division Announces Drill Sergeant of the Year

06/07/2013  |  By Spc. Andrew Baba 95th Training Division (IET)
The Griffon

Soldiers zero their weapons in preparation for the marksmanship component of the 2013 Drill Sergeant of the Year competition at Fort Sill, Okla., on March 10. Photo by Spc. Andrew Baba, 95th Training Division (IET)

FORT SILL, Okla. — The 95th Training Division announced its Drill Sergeant of the Year (DSOY) on March 10, during a dinner and awards ceremony at an off-post sports club in Lawton, Okla.

The winners in this competition were products of previous winning streaks at different levels of the Army formation up to the division level. The DSOY competition is an annual event in which the division brings together the finest drill sergeants from its various brigades for the purpose of selecting the most outstanding Soldier from among them.

“We bring the best of them together in the annual competition to see them shine and do what they are trained to do,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Paul Hill, command sergeant major of the 95th Training Division.

“Seeing them compete gives us a sense of satisfaction in terms of the quality of training the drill sergeants have received, and we are confident that they will in turn be able to impart the knowledge and be producers of competent Soldiers,” said Hill.

It is the Drill Sergeant of the Year Competition, 2013 at Fort Sill, Okla., March 10. Soldiers are up while it is still dark, and are ready for a three-hour long, 12-mile road march.

Photo by Spc. Andrew Baba, 95th Training Division (IET).

As it is traditional of this competition, the Soldiers had to prove their overall proficiency through a number of events, which included the Army physical fitness test, weapons qualification, a board appearance, a twelve mile road march and some other mentally and physically challenging warrior tasks and drills.

The objective of the competition was to measure their proficiency and test their core Army skills.

After three consecutive days of closely followed activities, Staff Sgt. Troy Braun, C Company, 1/415th Battalion, 2d Brigade emerged as the winner of the competition, while Staff Sgt. Bradley Lawson, 3/378th Battalion, Norman, Okla., was on his heels as runner-up.

Braun’s motivation for taking part in the series of competitions leading up to this was to be the best Soldier possible, and to be a good role model for Soldiers that look up to him.

“As trainers of Soldiers, there’s a higher expectation on us to be the best at what we do,” said Braun, “and from a personal point of view, this keeps me aspiring to higher levels of mental and physical fitness.”

“There’s no secret to my victory at this competition other than applying the basic Army cliché of being at the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform and doing the right thing,” said Braun.

Having won the competition at this level, Braun will represent the 95th Training Division at the Army Training and Doctrine Command’s (TRADOC) DSOY competition. There, expectations are high that Braun will bring home the trophy.

“We are hoping the 95th will win the TRADOC’s DSOY for 2013 because of our history of success at that level,” said Hill. “We won the TRADOC’s DSOY competition for the year 2012, and from the performance of our current candidate, we are confident he will bring home the trophy.”

The winner of TRADOC’s DSOY competition for 2012 was Staff Sgt. Jarrod Moss of the 95th Training Division. He is currently on a yearlong assignment with TRADOC. Perhaps a similar assignment awaits Braun if he does win at the next level.

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