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12/17/2015  | 

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Thomas McNeely conducting the WOC Pre-course in-brief to warrant officer candidates at the Regional Training Center, Fort Pickett, Va. on February 22, 2013. Photo by Lt. Col. Christopher Black, 108th Training Command (IET) Public Affairs

So you want to be a warrant officer? But you are not sure if you can commit to aggressive training and an academic regiment that the candidate selection process demands. The Army Reserve, in concert with the Army National Guard, is promoting Warrant Officer Candidate (WOC) Pre-course. It is being conducted at Army National Guard Regional Training Centers in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Louisiana.

WOC Pre-course is an intensive three-day program of instruction designed to immerse prospective Warrant Office Candidates (WOCs) into a realistic experience that challenges them physically, emotionally and academically. The WOC Pre-course allows candidates to make an informed career decision before pursuing a warrant officer appointment in the U.S. Army Reserve or National Guard.

The pre-course was conducted at the National Guard Regional Training Center at Fort Pickett, Va. The course, hosted by the Virginia National Guard, had 21 candidates participating from across a multistate region. The course manager was Chief Warrant Officer 3 Brian Temple and the Lead for the WOC Pre-course was Chief Warrant Officer 3 Thomas McNeely.

Warrant officer candidates at the WOC Pre-course are being graded on push-ups during the Army Physical Fitness Test at the Regional Training Center, Fort Pickett, Va.

Photo by Lt. Col. Christopher Black, 108th Training Command (IET) Public Affairs.

McNeely said, “Candidates may not be ready to enter the Warrant Officer Program at this juncture, but this program sets conditions for their future participation. Candidates participating in this program represent our best efforts to grow future leaders that have exceptional technical knowledge”.

WOC Pre-course is promoted as a leadership development opportunity for enlisted Soldiers of all ranks and a precursor to entering the National Guard Warrant Officer Candidate program in Virginia. The WOC Pre-course curriculum is a representation of the Warrant Officer Candidate School of instruction at Fort Rucker, Ala., and provides advance preparation for candidates attending either the National Guard Regional Training Centers (RTI) or Fort Rucker courses.

“Candidates who participate and continue on with the WOC program through the RTI or WOCS at Fort Rucker, are arriving better prepared for the demands of either program,” said Chief Warrant Officer 5 William Lyles, command warrant officer for the Virginia National Guard.

WOC Pre-course does not have any pre-requisites to attend, but candidates should come physically and mentally prepared for the challenges this three-day course provides. During the course, candidates are evaluated on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), leadership, academics and the ability to meet basic military standards. The intense schedule of the three-day program does not allow the candidates much sleep, which intensifies mental and physical demands of the program.

Candidates completing the courses, and electing to pursue warrant officer appointment, will need to meet the basic pre-requisites of the Warrant Officer Candidate Program. Soldiers will need to pass the standard APFT and have a GT score of 110 to proceed with the application process. The WOC Pre-course provides candidates with a better understanding of the pre-requisites to become a warrant officer. It allows prospective candidates time to achieve the pre-requisites if it is their desire to attain a warrant officer appointment.

If you are interested in participating in the WOC Pre-course, please contact Chief Warrant Officer 4 Karen Kay at 704-342-5159 or [email protected]. Command chief warrant officer’s SharePoint site for the 108th Training Command (IET) is located at https://xtranet/ORGANIZATION/MSCS/TRAINING/108TC(IET)/pages/default.aspx.

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