Chief Warrant Officer 5 Rodriguez-Fabiani Farewell

06/07/2013  | 
Warrant Officer Spotlight ...

Over the past 41 years plus, I had the opportunity to serve bringing about sustainment success throughout logistics actions in support of the War-fighters and to improve our (Logistical Posture) as well as mentoring warrant officers in my capacity as command chief warrant officer. I wish to encourage you to carry on reaching all tiers of leadership in the command to impact the quality of logistics and the supply system thereby maintaining the logistical data critical to successful response times, efficiency, and all future deployment operations.

Never forget that despite all of these challenges our organization is facing (THE ARMY) is one of the greatest, among the best. If I had the opportunity to do my career over, I would choose the U. S. Army again. GOD Bless!

“Desert Medics”

Why did you choose a career as a Warrant Officer?


I chose a career as a warrant officer to provide technical expertise and mentorship to all those I support as a member of the Army Reserve. I was enlisted throughout my 12 years on active duty and felt I had a great deal to contribute to the Reserve component. The best approach was to utilize my active duty and civilian career experience to serve as a warrant officer in the IT field. It is very challenging but also extremely satisfying to provide the technical support required for all missions. The criticality of IT systems is a no fail option and I embrace the challenge and pressure that is associated with those requirements. I promote the warrant officer career path for all interested Soldiers but also stress the demands and standards that are associated with being a warrant officer.

Loyd Hill, Command G-6 , CW2, USAR, 108th Training Command (IET)


Why did you choose a career as a Warrant Officer?

I was in the Army Reserve for ten years. I was an E-6, E-7 promotable, with no plan for my military career. I was coasting. I had obviously considered putting in a packet for E-7, but was concerned it would pull me away from my field. This was also my concern in becoming an officer. The dilemma was nearly solved for me when a TPU chief warrant officer 2 position was created in my section in 2010. With a gentle nudge from my battalion command sergeant major, I put in an application to become a warrant officer. To my surprise, I was accepted and was immediately scheduled for school. Currently, I have completed WOCS and awaiting my WOBC class date. So far, everything has gone well and I am thankful for Command Sgt. Maj. Mark Huston’s suggestion! My unit seems eager to have me on board in my new role and I am trying to learn everything I can so that I become a valuable asset to them.

Hannah A. Hill

Human Resource Technician


HQ 3rd Bn./415th Regt./ 95th Div

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