Family Programs launches social media

06/07/2013  |  Story by Timothy L. Hale Army Reserve Command Public Affairs
The Griffon

Army Reserve Family Programs launched their Facebook a few weeks ago. Soldiers and their Families can use the page to find out valuable information to assist with programs or specific needs they may have. The website address is courtesy of Army Reserve Family Programs

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Getting information to Army Reserve Soldiers and their Families has become a little easier thanks to social media.

The Army Reserve Family Programs directorate recently launched its Facebook page in an effort to communicate more effectively - especially with younger Soldiers and Families.

“It certainly will enhance how we communicate with all the different generations,” said Sonia Wriglesworth, ARFP director.

Wriglesworth said it became obvious to her staff that younger Soldiers would much rather pose questions and receive answers via text, emails or the internet than in the more traditional face-to-face information exchange.

She said a good example of how social media helps communication efforts was during the recent snowstorm in the Northeast and tornadoes in the Southeast.

“Because of the geographic dispersion, outreach is certainly the key for us to keep connected with Soldiers and Families...and for them to keep connected with us,” she said.

Even though their social media presence is still in its infancy, Wriglesworth said the feedback so far has been positive.

“They’ve been very pleased with just the fact that we have a Facebook page,” she said. “We’re connecting the pieces together.

Probably in the next six months we’ll really get a feel for what Face book is bringing to us.”

For more information about their social media, visit the ARFP website (, scroll to the bottom and click on their Facebook ( and Twitter (

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