Springtime in Three Rivers, Lake Kaweah, and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

04/04/2014  | 

In rural, peaceful Three Rivers, Lake Kaweah, and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, you can be as lazy or as busy, as you like! For the active and the not so active, here’s a taste of the many things you can do and events you may attend this spring.

  • Enjoy a Hero Appreciation Months Celebration honoring our Armed Forces at the Three Rivers Museum.
  • Watch the hilarious Bathtub Race for Charity at Lake Kaweah — or better yet, register and form a team to enter the race yourself!
  • Continue to enjoy the Hero Appreciation Months program, which includes 20 percent “thank you” discounts for current or former military and first responder service, through March 31st.
  • Go Whitewater Rafting on the Kaweah River.
  • Kayak in Lake Kaweah.
  • Take off from the Kaweah Marina to fish and enjoy water sports.
  • Attend chamber music concerts performed by internationally recognized virtuosos, courtesy of Three Rivers Performing Arts Institute.
  • Enjoy traditional jazz at its best at our 41st annual Jazzaffair, our three-day multi-venue annual jazz festival where only the best bands are asked to return each year.
  • Experience our 64th Annual Lions Team Roping. This four-day annual event includes the pig scramble and barrel racing for children, in addition to Cowboy Church on Sunday morning. See who wins the coveted Yellowhair Commemorative Buckle!
  • Dance in the beautiful outdoors, to bands playing country, bluegrass, folk and alternative music, at the Three Rivers Music Festival.
  • Meditate for free, daily, at Spirit Hill Mediation Garden.
  • Attend 1st Saturday in Three Rivers, our monthly Festival of Food/Fun/Fabulous Art.
  • Take in our three-day biennial Three Rivers Artists Studio Tour Eleven, which started in 1992.
  • Check out the permanent outdoor Native American exhibit at Three Rivers Historical Museum, including a Wukchumni summer home and Wuksachi winter home.
  • Go horseback riding and mountain biking through the beautiful, wild Three Rivers foothills. Get down from your horse or bike and take the time to gaze at our springtime array of wildflowers. I’m sure you will find that, around the lake and in some of our remote foothill areas, the wildflowers are beyond compare.
  • Last but not least: Don’t forget that active-duty military currently enjoy free passes into all national parks, including Sequoia and Kings Canyon. This pass is also being honored by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Kaweah.
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