Cedar Hill, Texas offers fun and beauty

06/21/2014  | 

Cedar Hill is located on the highest elevation in North Texas and offers breathtaking views of Joe Pool Lake and Cedar Hill State Park. Combining the outstanding natural environment with quality restaurants and retail development, Cedar Hill is where opportunities grow naturally.

Cedar Hill is less than 20 minutes from downtown Dallas and 40 minutes from downtown Fort Worth and a 30 minute drive from DFW International Airport or Dallas Love Field.

Cedar Hill offers a wonderful quality of life to its residents and fun attractions for visitors. Besides the 2,500 acres of City Parks, Cedar Hill State Park is nearly 2,000 acres of natural scenic beauty located on 7,500 acre Joe Pool Lake.

Historic Penn Farm, campsites, over 100 miles of shoreline, water based recreation activities on Joe Pool Lake, hiking trails, and mountain bike trails make the park a major attraction for people from all over and the most visited state park in Texas.

Dallas County is the only county in the nation to house multiple Audubon Centers, and Cedar Hill is proud to have one in our back yard, Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center at Cedar Hill. The center is situated on 205 acres of Dogwood Canyon, which contains the widest variety of rare species in North Texas with plants and animals from east, west, and central Texas converging there.

Of course, when it is time to relax at the end of the day, there is plenty of shopping and dining in Cedar Hill as well.

For more information on visiting Cedar Hill, check out www.visitcedarhills.com.
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