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It’s Our Turn- Meet Team RWB

It’s Our Turn- Meet Team RWB

10/07/2014  |  Blayne Smith

While you may know us as an organization that focuses on fitness, we aren’t simply building strong bodies.
Team RWB is about building strong communities. We understand that engaging and connecting with veterans is often the most critical step to accessing resources, finding new ways to lead, and ultimately making a smooth transition.

While some veterans need acute assistance for a number of challenges (many of which are addressed by members of this campaign), we’ve found that many veterans struggle most with the loss of camaraderie, identity, and purpose that they enjoyed while wearing the uniform. This, combined with feeling a bit out of place in the civilian world, can lead to a number of negative outcomes.
Team RWB’s chapters provide consistent, local opportunities for veterans to connect with members of their community (vet and non-vet) in authentic, positive ways. We focus largely on fitness, sports, and recreation because we know that physical activity is one of the very best ways to build bonds and meaningful relationships…not to mention the benefits to physical, mental, and emotional health.
We are now in over 100 cities and our programs include everything from walking to CrossFit to yoga to running. And like any tight-knit team, you’ll see our chapters engaged in lot of other activities like picnics, bowling, and volunteering.
We are excited to be a part of the campaign and seek to be a great partner to the other organizations involved.
We’ve found that our chapters can be of great assistance to other programs at both ends of the preverbal funnel.
    •    In many cases, our local chapters are able to make initial contact with a veteran, involve them in the community, and later help connect them to other resources that they may not have otherwise sought.
    •    In other cases, Team RWB acts as a great landing place for veterans that have already been a part of other programs. Linking up with a Team RWB chapter is an excellent way to ensure that the positive momentum created through physical therapy, mental health counseling, or any other program is maintained and strengthened.
At the end of the day, our communities are better when veterans and non-veterans work together with a common purpose. Team RWB provides a local and consistent platform to bridge the civil-military divide, assist veterans with a smooth transition, and help every community achieve its full potential.

Blayne Smith Team RWB
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