Dean College School of Continuing Studies Now Offering Certificate in Cybersecurity Studies

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With an ever increasing dependence on technology to support our daily personal, business and national security activities, cybercrimes have dramatically increased over the past decade, exposing sensitive information and imposing a huge cost on our economy. To address this rapidly growing area of concern, many institutions of higher education have developed programs focused on educating students in areas of cybersecurity including functional IT, strategy, risk assessment and response for the purposes of combating all forms of cybercrime and ensuring our national security is protected from computer based threats. 

Knowledge of cybersecurity is imperative in all of today’s industries including: government, aerospace, financial services and telecommunications, with particular focus on military and law enforcement professions. According to a CNN survey, an estimated 30,000 jobs will be created over the next decade to meet the needs of cyber threats.

In an interview published by Government Security News (GSN), Former CIA Director General Michael Hayden addressed a number of cybersecurity risks facing the U.S. During the interview, General Hayden discussed a particular concern with the cybersecurity threats that affect both private industry and government entities. "The primary sin is people out there stealing your stuff. It is your pin number, it is your credit card number, if you are an industry it is your intellectual property, it is your trade secrets. If you are a state actor, it is going after another state’s secrets and so on. …They want to take your network down, they want to manipulate your data, they want to delay, destroy, degrade or deny you your information," said General Hayden. He explained the prevalence of cybersecurity threats and emphasized that government entities, businesses, and individuals will need to take steps to prepare and defend themselves against cyber-attacks.

The Cybersecurity Studies certificate program at Dean College may be completed in one year, on-campus, online or a combination of both and is designed for both non-IT and IT professionals who want a quick, practical education in cybersecurity. “Cybersecurity is a global issue,” said Dee Masiello, Dean of the School of Continuing Studies at Dean College. “The courses we offer at Dean are designed to teach students how to react quickly and anticipate cyber threats before they turn into a disaster situation.”

The program consists of five courses that cover how to develop relevant, cutting-edge skills to apply in practical settings, such as incident response handling, incident coordination, and reviewing ethical and legal issues; building and coordinating a security incident response team and product security team; how to access security risks and vulnerabilities of existing and proposed information systems; how to investigate a cybercrime; best practices for managing attack situations with a security incident response team; and how to build relationships with other incident response teams, organizations and law enforcement to improve incident response effectiveness.

Through an active learning approach, Dean College students integrate knowledge and skills and apply them to real-world problems and situations. The School of Continuing Studies at Dean College offers several certificate programs that can lead to employment opportunities or career advancement. Completing a certificate program at Dean College can enhance your career track. All certificate courses may be applied to related degree programs.

Voted 8th for the Best Colleges for Veterans in the 2014 U.S. News & World Report for the Best Regional Colleges, North category, Dean College has been cultivating an environment of academic and personal success for students for the past 150 years.

Founded in 1865, Dean College is a private, residential college located in Franklin Massachusetts, 45 minutes from Boston, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island. Dean College offers nine baccalaureate degrees in Arts and Entertainment Management; Business; Dance; English; History; Liberal Arts and Studies, Psychology; Sociology; and Theatre. Dean also offers 17 associate degree programs as well as a robust schedule of part-time continuing and professional education credit and certificate programs throughout the calendar year.


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