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Warrant Officer challenges, issues 2010

Warrant Officer challenges, issues 2010

From the desk of the Chief Executive Officer...

02/19/2010  |  Command Chief Warrant Officer Shirley B. Moser 108th Training Command (IET)
From the desk of the Chief Executive Officer...

It is with great excitement that I begin my new position as Command Chief Warrant Officer of the 108th Training Command.  The journey has been very challenging but very rewarding.  I envisioned this moment many times and wondered what it would feel like to be in CW5 Gary Williams’ shoes.  I read his column and appreciated the excellent job he did in mentoring Soldiers and taking care of their needs during his tenure as Command Chief.  I know this will be the best time in my entire career as a Soldier and Warrant Officer.  There are many things I hope to accomplish as I grasp the enormous job before me.  I want to touch base with all the Warrant Officers within the 108th Training Command and let them know who I am and what I stand for as I accomplish this mission.  I want to know their problems and improve communication.   

I am not new to the command since I served as a reservist in several of the battalions and brigades and as a civil servant for almost 35 years.  Many of those years have been with the 108th Training Command except for three years where I served with the 120th ARCOM, 431st Quartermaster Co. in Jacksonville, N.C.  I have enjoyed the times I spent with the Soldiers and been grateful that I could help solve many personnel and administrative issues which I feel made a difference in their reserve career. 

My career started in the Winston Salem Army Reserve Center as a reserve Soldier in 1974.   I became a Unit Administrator in 1986.  My goal was to become a Warrant Officer, and I was able to accomplish this in 1990 when I completed Warrant Officer Candidate School at Ft McCoy, Wis.  I was commissioned a year later and started my career as a Warrant Officer at 3rd Brigade in Winston Salem, N.C.  After leaving my unit administrator position in Winston Salem, I went to work at Wake Forest University ROTC as a Human Resources technician in 2003.  I have served on active duty with Task Force 802 and RTC East for the last couple of years as a Military Personnel Technician. My family consists of my son and my parents.  They supported me in my endeavors all through the years which have been very important to my success. 

My primary responsibility will be advising the Commanding General on Warrant Officer issues and affairs.  I will be involved in Warrant Officer recruiting, mentorship, professional development, and MOSQ readiness.  There are issues facing the retention of Warrant Officers: assignment, utilization, and filling many existing vacancies.  Most Warrant Officers have issues and concerns that need to be addressed.  I plan to utilize the Command Chief Warrant Officer’s knowledge and the experience I have gained throughout the years to help solve these issues.  I hope to conduct a Warrant Officer Conference where we can discuss these issues and make strives toward our future goals together as a team.  

The Warrant Officer education system needs to match the system non-commissioned officers and officers are expected and required to complete.  Warrant Officers should have new and exciting goals to reach.  These goals need to be clear and may require training and further education.  At the Warrant Officer Senior Staff Course, we discussed this in depth.  We also reviewed many of the topics taught at the U.S. Army War College and Command Sergeants Major Academy and realized we needed more time allocated for these subjects at future courses. 

I am extremely proud to be selected as the new Command Chief Warrant Officer for the 108th Training Command.  I look forward to the future and meeting each of you.  Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you have a problem or concern.  I want to make this year a great one and continue the tradition that CW5 Williams’ started as the first Command Chief Warrant Officer for the 108th Training Command.  Happy New Year to all.

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