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What’s great about homeschooling? <strong>CHOICE!</strong>

What’s great about homeschooling? CHOICE!

12/14/2014  |  Nicole McGhee
Homeschool Options

Winter is finally here and for homeschoolers that likely means you’ve got a few weeks or months of homeschooling under your belt. By now you have likely found a rhythm, a routine, and are going about your days — unless, of course, you have hit a wall. A few weeks in is when you can definitely tell if a curriculum is working for you, if it’s the right one for your family, or if your children are enjoying it and learning. On the other side of that coin is the feeling that you have when you know it is not working. 

You try to ignore it. It nags at you each morning when you round up the kids to get school started. It gnaws on you when you are setting up your materials and books. What can you do about it? You spent a small fortune on it so you have to complete it. You raved about it to your friends and family so how can you just quit?

I’m going to let you in on a secret. If it is not working, put it down, and walk away. If it is not working, then it’s not worth it, regardless of how much you paid. In the end, it will cost you much more than the dollars spent. I know it can be difficult to admit that a costly curriculum, one that you just had to have, is essentially useless for your family. However, what is the price of using it anyway? Is it worth the struggle, the fight, or the tears from you and your children? 


There are so many amazing curricula options available right now. In this day and age, we are blessed with the ability to choose from a plethora of homeschooling materials. How fortunate are we to live in a time when there are companies that even cater to homeschooling families? We don’t have to be the pioneers of homeschooling, setting out to scrape materials together from limited resources. We are living in a homeschool day and age when the world is accessible to us with a few clicks of a mouse and arriving on our doorstep with two day shipping.

Homeschooling friends, what I’m encouraging you to do today is to evaluate your decisions. If that amazing curriculum is a point of contention in your homeschool, then it’s worth your time to reconsider. Do you know what’s as common as new homeschool items, books, manipulatives, and supplies? The availability of used items, such as books, supplies, and manipulatives. If you don’t love it, sell it! Bless another family and give it away. Save it for another child because learning styles vary wildly from one kid to the next. Don’t spend another seven months using it because a few months ago you just had to have it.

That’s the beauty in homeschooling. Choice. We had the option to choose which method was best for our child and we chose homeschooling. We have the capability to select the best curriculum and to try again if it’s determined that our first choice didn’t work. Not only are you a parent, but also you are now a teacher. You are a teacher to the most beloved students and have the opportunity to tailor lessons specifically to each child. It is an amazing gift to give your child an education that builds him up, strengthens his weaknesses, and allows him the opportunity to explore his interests. Find it and love it or leave it. You can do it. 

Nicole McGhee has been an Army wife for the last 11 years, and homeschools her children using Time4Learning’s online education program.

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