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All Soldiers are required to have the yearly standard influenza vaccine.

All Soldiers are required to have the yearly standard influenza vaccine.

From the Surgeons Office...

02/19/2010  | 
From the Surgeons Office...

The vaccine can be provided to you by your personal physician, local pharmacy  both at your cost or thru Logistics Health International using a voucher created by your unit at no cost to you.

The standard influenza vaccination is mandatory by the Department of Defense.  Soldiers who have a documented “severe allergy to eggs or the influenza vaccine” which is annotated in their military medical records are the only Soldiers not required to receive the immunization. 

For any Soldier who has the standard influenza vaccine by an outside source, the following documentation is required to be annotated on the physician’s office letterhead or other form for entry into MEDPROS data system.

• Name of vaccination

• Dose of vaccination

• Route of vaccination

• Lot number and manufacturer if available

• Who prescribed the vaccination

• Zip code of administering physician.

Starting early to the middle of January, the H1N1 influenza vaccine will be required by all uniformed Soldiers.  This immunization can be administered either by the Soldiers private physician or pharmacy or during a battle assembly during a scheduled immunization group event.

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