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FAQ on online college education

FAQ on online college education

02/19/2010  | 

What sort of programs or courses can I study online?

When you are looking for online college programs, you will find a broad selection of course offerings. From Education to Tourism courses and everything in between, you can study at home through online courses. The programs that are offered are usually academic in nature and do not have any lab or field work involved. Typical examples are English language and Literature, Business, Law, Management, Computer and Mathematics courses.

What is the best way to find the course I want to do?

The best thing to do when you have a particular course in mind is to do an online search to see which colleges do have that course listed as an online course. If you are new to studying at home and working at the same time, it is best to start off by taking only one course. This will give you an idea of what is involved and if you don’t find it too much extra work, you can take several courses at one time, allowing you to complete the program much sooner.

Do I need any experience or special educational qualifications prior to taking the course?

Depending on the program that you wish to enter, you may need to have some educational background. Accredited colleges and universities do require you to submit your educational records in order to be accepted into their programs. If you do not have the proper course completed for admission, the college usually offers the courses that you need and will advise you of that fact. You may want to finish your high school diploma and if this is the case, you don’t need to submit any records of your educational history. For a program that leads to a degree or a specialized certificate or diploma, there are some education requirements that need to be completed before you can get accepted into the program.

Can I do a Bachelor’s Degree online, and what sorts of subjects are available?

Yes, you can study a Bachelor’s online providing you meet the criteria specified by each individual college. Typical programs for Bachelor’s degrees online include Design, Technology, Business and Criminal Justice. The most widely recognized university for its online degree program, the University of Phoenix, does have a much wider selection that includes Education, Nursing and Health Care. This university does allow you to transfer credits from one program to another and from a regular degree to an online degree program.

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