From the Commanding General

09/29/2015  |  Maj. Gen. Leslie Purser Commanding General, 108th Training Command (IET)
From the Commanding General

To all the exceptional Soldiers and leaders within the 108th Training Command, it’s been my honor and privilege to serve with you over the last two years. My tenure is up and I am headed to an assignment with the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs (ASA/MRA) .....think Army Reserve Policy at the Department of Army level.

Throughout the past two years, I have been continually amazed and humbled by the expertise I have seen in the units within the 108th. Our drill sergeants and ROTC Cadre are totally motivating to me and inspirational to the new recruits and cadets they train. The compliments I have received from the most senior levels of our Army about your professionalism, expertise and character have been overwhelming and made me so proud to be part of this unit.

The 95th Division, Iron Men of Metz, have provided exceptional support to our TRADOC and USAR missions via the CONUS Replacement Center, Echo missions at the Army Training Centers, Tough Mudders, Drill Sergeant of the Year support and Infantry and Cavalry OSUT, among others. Their support has been nothing short of outstanding and it’s refreshing that they continually asked how else they can assist.

The Iroquois Warriors of the 98th Division supported similar missions at the Army Training Centers and Tough Mudders, and added TF Marshall (training sailors who were deploying), as well as the Combatives Academy, which unfortunately due to resourcing, we had to close. They also supported the Army Ten Miler and Military Police and Engineer OSUT. All challenging missions performed beyond the standard as our drill sergeants led the way.

Timberwolf Soldiers within the 104th Division had the distinct honor to train our future officers in ROTC at Universities across the nation, as well as during Cadet Summer Training (CST), along with assistance from our drill sergeants. TF Wolf organized the massive CST mission and the 104th provided training support to West Point Cadets. They were also instrumental in Reception and Committee missions as well as Chaplain BOLC and their extraordinary support to all missions was seamless to our AC brethren, as Cadet Command asks for more and more support.

Staff and Command Group of the 108th, I have not been easy on you, yet you have shown great accomplishment in your support of our down trace units. Despite severe funding cuts, you found a way to continue to ensure our units were successful. I always appreciated your candor and creative ways to get to yes; your persistence, tenacity and professionalism were incredible.

You have all partnered seamlessly with the Drill Sergeant Academy producing over 412 drill sergeants in the past two years, a 171 percent increase over the previous two years. And TRADOC support to this organization has been endless, often providing top cover for important decisions affecting our structure and missions.

Thanks to all of you for making this unit the best training unit in the Army and for your dedication, commitment and loyalty. I’ve been truly honored to serve with you. Your new commander is highly qualified to take you to the next step and I ask that you give him the same great support you gave me.

With continued brilliant advice from Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Riti, Mr. Charles Fairbanks, Command Chief Warrant Officer Karen Kay and Col. Daniel Arkins, I’m sure the transition will be absolutely seamless.

First in Training.

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