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04/18/2017   By Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Riti 108th Training Command (IET)

Today started out good because like almost every day, it started with physical fitness training. I know I say this often in my articles but when you start your day off with PT, it’s going to be a great day because PT sets the tone of the day.

Today started out good because like almost every day, it started with physical fitness training. I know I say this often in my articles but when you start your day off with PT, it’s going to be a great day because PT sets the tone of the day.

As my battle buddy MG McQueen and I travel around visiting our units, I’m seeing a number of Soldiers in our formations who are not presenting a professional military image in their uniforms. 


You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that PT is not a part of their daily routine. I can also guarantee that these individuals are the same people who find every excuse to get out of taking an APFT.

I know I may get a lot of back lash on this article but it’s something that needs to be said and something that truly bothers me. I cannot believe there are individuals who complain about taking an APFT or doing PRT. A true Soldier should be able to take an APFT any day of the week and pass it. Why some of the Soldiers in our formations come up with temporary profiles and permanent profiles for PT is something I cannot understand.

The CSA General Miley as well as the Commanding General of the Army Reserve LTG Luckey are focused on readiness and our ability to ‘Fight Tonight.’ As Soldiers we should always be ready to answer the Nation’s call on a moment’s notice. The American people have expectations of the members of the military and that includes being ready to defend our country and our way of life at any given time. You can’t defend our country if you’re not physically fit and you definitely can’t defend our country when you’re non-deployable. It irritates me knowing there are some in our formations who are okay with that.

So my question to you is, are you ready to fight tonight or are you going to put that responsibility on your fellow Soldiers? Are you maintaining your physical readiness or are you one of those people who always runs to get a profile when it’s time to take an APFT? I can’t and I won’t say the number of non-deployable Soldiers we have in our formations but there are far too many. I understand that many have legitimate injuries but I also know many are making false claims against our government and the citizens of the United States who have placed a special trust in them. Being ready isn’t just about being physically fit. It’s about being a Soldier who’s proficient in his or her job. You get there by attending PME and not looking for excuses not to go.

Being a Soldier is about taking responsibility for your actions and leading from the front. It’s about re-affirming that oath you took when you joined the Army. The previous SMA use to say ‘the Army didn’t join you, you joined the Army.’ You were the one who wanted to make something good in your life and the Army did that for you. So for those who have those bogus profiles and lame excuses for not taking an APFT, what happened? What made you quit on us? Because, that’s exactly what you did.

If you’re one of those Soldiers that push themselves to improve your APFT, HOOAH. You are the ones that will continue to lead our Army to victory in future wars. If you’re one of those Soldiers that strives to make the commandant’s list or be an Honor Student when attending PME or other military courses, HOOAH. You’re the ones who have the ability to coach, mentor and train our future war fighters so they know how to survive and win on the battle field and also you’re the ones who will teach them what right looks like and put them on the road to success.

At the time I’m writing this article, the 108th Training Command is conducting its DSOY and BWC. Watching these outstanding Soldiers compete and push themselves to the limits is something I wish the individuals I’ve mentioned in the beginning of this article could observe. These competitors are physically fit, very knowledgeable, courageous, and exemplify all the characteristics of what a Soldier should be. It is these Soldiers and Soldiers like them that keep America Strong. It is these Soldiers that make us Army Strong.

I apologize if you’re offended by this article but maybe it’s time for some of us to do a reality check!

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