95th Training Division (IET) Iron Men of Metz

06/07/2010  |  Brig. Gen. Roger B. Duff Commanding General
95th Training Division (IET)
The Griffon

Drill Sergeants are held to the highest standards and our nation places enormous expectations on our Soldiers. The 95th Division provides premier Drill Sergeants to the U.S. Army and delivers the finest training to the newest members of our Army. Our Drill Sergeants are first and foremost dedicated professionals. They are combat seasoned non-commissioned officers, highly trained, motivated, mature and extremely competent.  Given today’s challenging conditions and operations tempo the demands continue to stress our Drill Sergeant force. Regardless of the challenges, this is an exceptional group of warriors.


For those who serve in the Initial Entry Training (IET) environment we should reflect daily on our Drill Sergeants’ accomplishments and give pause to the tremendous pressures put upon them and their Families.  Despite the multiple tasks they are directed to accomplish, the numerous mobilizations and deployments performed and the difficult circumstances in which they operate, I am proud to say our Drill Sergeants are performing superbly. These magnificent warriors are tried, tested and have never failed in their missions. They consistently espouse a “Mission First, People Always” mantra that is reflected in the great successes our troops have achieved on and off the battlefield.


Despite the recent transformation and impacts on the organization, our Drill Sergeants have remained steadfast in their commitment to excellence. Not only do they perform their tasks as premier trainers in the Army, they maintain their individual skill craft and remain ready to serve globally in any combat capacity required.  More importantly their families have provided a solid base of support so important to the success of their missions. 

As U.S. forces draw down in Iraq and the priorities shift toward Afghanistan the operations tempo of our Drill Sergeants will remain robust. Recruitment continues to remain high as well as retention. With the Army, USAR and ARNG maintaining their authorized end strengths, the demand on our IET force will not be reduced.  In many respects it will increase as our talented force is employed in support of our partner nations seeking to create stability in their regions. Our Drill Sergeants will play a key role in that process which will set conditions and shape our national military strategy for years to come.

In many respects our Drill Sergeants are the first Soldiers that civilians encounter as they enter military service. Regardless of whether they are employed state side or deployed overseas, our Drill Sergeants become first line ambassadors for the United States. Their performance will be directly tied to the credibility of this nation. For this reason I am confident that the Drill Sergeants in the 95th Division will continue to represent the U.S Army and this nation by bringing honor and respect to their charter.

To date this year has been fast paced and challenging.  As we look to reduce force structure by three battalion headquarters (by the end of the fiscal year) this in no way will affect our Drill Sergeants. Any changes in command and control will be transparent and there will be no impact on their mission taskings, training profiles or capabilities. They will continue to stand ready to serve anytime or anywhere.     

In March 2011 the 95th Division headquarters as well as the 1st Brigade headquarters will be moving to Fort Sill, Okla. The new facility is scheduled to be completed by June 2010. Maj. Gen. Halverson, commanding general, U.S. Army Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill, has embraced our arrival and partnership. His team has assured me that we will become a significant part of the Fort Sill family and be afforded access to resources currently provided to the active component. The new facility is well designed, state-of-the-art, functional and provides the capacity required to support our needs.

 As we look toward the future our focus will continue to be mission, Soldiers, Family and resources. Although listed in order of priority, these focus areas cannot function autonomously. They are integrated and linked through function and purpose and serve as the nucleus of our existence and success. I am proud to lead the 95th Division and be associated with the finest Soldiers in the U.S. Army.

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