98th Training Division (IET) Iroquois Warriors

06/07/2010  |  Brig. Gen. Robert P. Stall Commanding General
98th Training Division (IET)
The Griffon

This has been a very busy year for the Soldiers and Families of the 98th Division.  Our Drill Sergeants, Instructors, and the Soldiers that support them have conducted a wide variety of missions both overseas and here in the United States.  Our Drill Sergeants have been providing world class training to our Army’s newest Soldiers at Ft. Benning, Ga., Ft. Knox, Ky., Ft. Jackson, S.C., and Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.  Our officers and NCOs have also been training other Army Reserve units at the three Regional Training Centers at Ft. Dix, N.J., Ft. McCoy, Wis., and Ft. Hunter Ligget, Calif.   Other missions include training ROTC Cadets at their annual Basic and Advanced Training Camps, training US Military Academy Cadets at West Point, N.Y., and advising security forces in Iraq.  Our Soldiers have time and again proven themselves to be extremely capable and dedicated professionals.  They fill extremely important positions within the active component training base and consistently earn the praise of the training base leadership.  In spite of the high operational pace and the associated stress that comes with these missions, our Soldiers and Families have demonstrated exceptional courage, commitment and resilience.  They truly are “the strength of our nation.” 

This year our Division Headquarters in Rochester, N.Y. had the privilege of hosting the first Army Strong Community Center (ASCC) to be opened in the northeastern U.S.  Sponsored by Army Reserve Family Programs, The ASCC was created through the efforts of Lt. Gen. Jack Stultz, commanding general, United States Army Reserve and his wife, Laura.  The purpose of the center is to support Soldiers and their Families who live away from the larger military installations.  The center has been extremely successful, assisting over 100 Soldiers and Family members in its first seven months of operation.  The center helps not only 98th Division Soldiers, but all U.S. servicemembers and their Families.

 Our division OPTEMPO will remain steady in 2011. Our retention program has been very successful, but I would remind our commanders to continue to aggressively recruit new Drill Sergeant Candidates.  Look for the Army to use our trained and ready force in new ways, both here in CONUS and overseas.   Our best tool in this fight is the young combat veteran just leaving his or her tour of active duty and joining us as a Drill Sergeant Candidate.

Our Soldiers have dealt with the challenge of Army Reserve Transformation over the past several years, and the coming year will be no different.  We expect all four of our Training Support Battalions to be reassigned to the 104th Training Division effective 1 October 2010.  The 1/389, currently located near Albany, N.Y., will relocate to Ft. Buchanan, Puerto Rico, near San Juan, on or about 1 October 2010.  Finally, at a date to be determined, the 98th Training Division (IET) will inactivate three battalion headquarters as part of the Army Reserve Transformation effort.  All of these moves will affect our Soldiers to some extent, and my staff and I are making every effort to ensure that the effect is minimal and painless.

The Army Reserve Command has directed the 98th Division Headquarters to move from Rochester, N.Y. to Fort Benning, Ga. in September 2013.   The new facility is scheduled to be completed by July 2012. 

 I want to personally thank the Soldiers and Families for the tremendous work they are doing and for the sacrifices that they make every day on behalf of our nation.  I am proud to serve alongside you and to command this division.      

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