Farewell and welcome!

From the desk of the SCXO

06/07/2010  |  Larry M. Cruz Supervisory Command Executive Officer
108th Training Command (IET)
From the desk of the SCXO

As you read this article we will have essentially bid farewell to Maj. Gen. James Mallory, commanding general 108th Training Command (IET) and welcomed his successor, who at the time of my writing this article has not be announced.  What is known is that we have bid farewell to a truly visionary and transformational leader in Maj. Gen. Mallory. 

I would like to thank Maj. Gen. Mallory for having provided me the opportunity to serve as the 108th Training Command (IET) SCXO.  I joined the 108th Training Command the same month Maj. Gen. Mallory assumed command.  From the onset, I found Maj. Gen. Mallory to possess a strong sense of strategic leadership in terms of his vision for the command and his ability to transcend the command from one of many training divisions to the sole provider of Initial Entry Training (IET) to the entire United States Army Reserve. 

I believe by now, I may very well have his famous “der spiel” memorized as to how he planned to transform the manner by which we provide training support to individuals/units from the old Echo Company mission set to the mobilized ARFORGEN cycle.

Maj. Gen. Mallory masterfully and methodically worked this vision by providing  “der spiel” to every key senior leader/stakeholder both within USARC, TRADOC and DA until eventually, this boulder which he was continually pushing uphill gained momentum and materialized into what has to be a truly extraordinary display of shear determination and will on his part. 

The 108th Training Command has clearly benefitted from his diligence and remarkable leadership.  As the senior civilian for the command, it always amazed me at how cognizant and appreciative Maj. Gen. Mallory was of his FTS staff: AGR’s, Miltech’s and DAC’s.  He truly enjoyed taking part in recognizing and rewarding success always looking forward to approving and openly presenting awards (both civilian and military) to our full-time work force.  Although his follow on assignment is unknown to us at the time of this writing, I am hopeful that the Army will find it in their heart to place him in a position where he can impact the entire United States Army Reserve with his forward thinking leadership. 

Sir, on behalf of myself and our FTS staff I wish you and Mrs. Mallory the very best and thank you both for what you have brought to this command.  Most importantly, we thank you for what you have left us with!

To our incoming commanding general and his or her family, on behalf of me and the FTS staff we welcome you to the 108th Training Command (IET) and rest assured, the support you receive from us will be nothing short of 110 percent day in and day out!

The Flag is Moving Forward!
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