98th Division Soldiers return to school

06/07/2010  |  Col. Paul Wegman Chief of Staff
98th Training Division (IET)
The Griffon

Sgt. Maj. Rick Wark, 98th Training Division, operations, presents Sgt. Gwendolyn Shepard a 98th Training Division ‘Coin of Excellence’ at the 2010 Iroquois University. Photo by Sgt. Maj. Jane Decker, 98th Training Division (IET).

Soldiers of the 98th Training Division (IET) returned to school from March 8th through 14th at Iroquois University.  Their campus was the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, Ga. and their professors were Soldiers and civilians from the 98th Training Division and Army Reserve Command Headquarters.

“We had Soldiers and civilians attending from across the eastern portion of the country.  We needed a high quality low cost site to conduct our training.  The USARC headquarters is right down the road from the hotel, so the combination of factors was perfect for our needs,” said Sgt. Maj. Rick Wark, 98th Training Division, G3.


This year’s curriculum consisted of classes on the new Unit Status Reporting (USR) system, Individual Training and Readiness System (ITRS), and the Duty Appointed Retention NCO (DARN) program.  The classes were offered in response to comments noted during the division command inspection program.

The USR class was well received by the student body.  “We should do this a lot more often, this was very informative,” said Master Sgt. Jodi Johnson, 2nd Brigade Operations non-commissioned officer in charge. Mr. Clement Knight, unit administrator, 1/417 of 3rd Brigade added, “This was extremely helpful to a new employee like me.  Overall it was a great experience.”  This is the third year the 98th Division has offered classes through Iroquois University. 


Since the spring of 2008, Iroquois University has trained over six hundred 98th Division Soldiers in a variety of classes, including Physical Security, Equal Opportunity, Ammunition Management, and Unit Status Reporting. 

Photo by Sgt. Gwendolyn Shepard, 98th Training Division (IET).

Sgt. Maj. Rick Wark, 98th Training Division, operations, teaches a class on Individual Training and Readiness System (ITRS) at the 2010 Iroquois University.

Brig. Gen. Rob Stall, 98th Training Division, commanding general, has been impressed with the program and added, “Iroquois University has been a particularly successful method of training a large number of our Soldiers in a relatively short period of time.  Many of them can return to their units and train additional Soldiers since they leave Iroquois University certified as trainers in that particular discipline.  My intent is to continue this effort on an annual basis.”

Soldiers of 98th Training Division worked hard to ensure the success of this year’s portable university.  Maj. Rich Murray, Master Sgt. Brenda Williams and Sgt. Gwendolyn Shepard put in long hours making sure day to day issues were resolved without interfering with instruction.  Planning and site negotiations were completed by Sgt. Maj. Rick Wark.  Instructors during the seven day “semester” included, Lt. Col. Russ Partridge, Sgt. Maj. Jane Decker, Sgt. 1st Class Louis Stevens, and Staff Sgt. Andrew Ring.

A total of 142 Soldiers and civilians attended training during the week and another Iroquois University is scheduled in the Spring of 2011.

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