US Army Small Arms (All Army) Championship

06/08/2010  |  Cpt. Todd Scandrett Regional Training Center- East
The Griffon

Regional Training Center-East team members cross the finish line after the Patton Match which consists of a two mile run in full gear immediately followed by a pistol assault sequence in which shooters engage targets from the standing, kneeling and prone firing positions. The Soldiers were competing in the 2010 U.S. Army Small Arms (All Army) Championship. Photo by By Cpt. Todd Scandrett, Regional Training Center- East.

FORT DIX, N.J. —  The mission of Regional Training Center-East is to train Army units for war, resulting in reduced post-mobilization training time.

The cadre and staff of RTC-East take this mission very seriously and continually strive to provide the absolute best training and instruction possible.  One of the best ways to confirm or validate whether your instructors and cadre have the knowledge and capability to perform is to place them in direct competition with the best the Army has to offer.

That is exactly what happened in February at Ft. Benning, Ga. as a team from RTC-East attended the 2010 US Army Small Arms (All Army) Championship. 

This training event is the premiere marksmanship competition for all components of the United States Army.  It is hosted by the US Army Marksmanship Unit, the Maneuver Center of Excellence and Ft. Benning. 

During the course of the event competitors were challenged with multiple scenarios to evaluate their individual ability to engage targets with the M9 pistol, the M16A4 / M4 rifles utilizing only iron sights and the M24 sniper rifle.  Distances varied from as close as 10 meters for certain M9 targets to as far away as 900 meters for targets engaged with the M24 sniper rifle. 

Not only are competitors challenged on the their advanced marksmanship skills, their physical fitness is also tested during the Patton Match which consists of a two mile run in full gear immediately followed by a pistol assault sequence in which shooters engage targets from the standing, kneeling and prone firing positions. 

During the rifle matches, competitors are once again tested during the Audie Murphy Match in which they conduct a 1.5 mile run in full gear that leads into a rifle assault with the shooters running from yard line to yard line while engaging targets out to 400 meters.

As difficult and competitive as the All Army Championship was this year, the RTC-East team performed exceptionally well.  This year’s competition was the largest on record with 287 competitors registered from all branches of the Army as well as representation from the US Air Force.  In comparison there were only 170 competitors at last year’s event.  This year also saw a significant increase of the number of total registered teams with 49 identified.

From a team standpoint the RTC-East team was always in contention and pressuring the other teams for match wins.  In almost every event the RTC-East team finished in the top five or better.

In the Match 8 (Rifle Team Match) RTC-East placed 2nd earning a team silver and in Match 35 (US Army Service Rifle Team Championship) finished 3rd overall earning a bronze medal.  These positions demonstrate the true professionalism and ability of the team members when it comes to employing the M16A4 Rifle. The consistency demonstrated by the RTC-East team earned them an overall 4th Place finish for the entire 2010 All Army Championship.

Individually the team was represented very well.  Sgt. 1st Class Richard Clark, from Eaton N.Y. won the High Drill Sergeant for the entire competition.  He was awarded a Rock River Arms M4 rifle and his name will be engraved on the Drill Sergeant trophy that is maintained at the Army Marksmanship Unit Headquarters.

Staff Sgt. Ramon Tejeda and Staff Sgt. Kristopher Beerman both accomplished an impressive feat. Both Tejeda and Beerman earned Bronze Excellence in Competition Marksmanship badges for the pistol and the rifle.  They have received permanent orders that will allow them to wear the EIC badges in place of the standard Army marksmanship badges.  The impressive aspect of the EIC badge is that each Soldier had to shoot within the top ten percent of the shooters within the matches for both pistol and rifle. 

Cpt. Todd Scandrett earned a 2nd place Novice finish in Match 7 (Rifle), which was an individual event in which competitors engaged targets from 500 meters into 100 meters.  There were 187 shooters in the Novice class that participated in the match.

The RTC-East team truly solidified their reputation within the Army marksmanship community.  Team members include:  Cpt. Todd Scandrett – OIC, Master Sgt. Joseph Braswell – NCOIC, Sgt. 1st Class Richard Clark, Staff Sgt. Kristopher Beerman, Staff Sgt.  Kollie Arkue, Staff Sgt. Andrew Dailey, Staff Sgt. Ramon Tejeda, Staff Sgt.  Carlos Candelaria, Staff Sgt. Chad Fitchner and Sgt. Timothy Newcomb.

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Created by Joan Beerman in 10/6/2012 3:25:09 AMCongratulations to all the competitors, especially to Staff Sgt. Kristopher made me proud!