Griffon Association honors Soldiers with awards, scholarships

06/08/2010  | 
The Griffon

After several years of inactivity, the 108th Griffon Association is back up and operating again. This association is composed of former and present members of the 108th Training Command (both military and civilian), who have served or are serving honorably.   

The current president of the Griffon Association is the former commanding general of the 108th Training Command (IET), retired, Maj. Gen. Skip McCartney, Tom Phlegar serves as vice-president, Sid Brown as secretary and Frank Gammon as treasurer.  The boards of directors include Brian Donley, John Glover, Andrew Hopper, Lyn Ingram, Bruce McGuinness, Jack Miller and Ken Robertson.

The mission of the association is to accomplish several objectives.  First is to support the command with whatever means are available both from a monetary and physical viewpoint.  At times there are projects that cannot be funded with government funds but need to be addressed. 

An example of this is the funding of a roadside historical marker near Ft. Jackson S.C. signifying the 108th Training Command’s 50 years of association with the military base.  The Griffon Association contributed $1000 to funding the endeavor.  In addition, the association contributed $300 to the command for the purpose of purchasing awards for outstanding Soldiers this year.  Again non-appropriated funds were used and the association stepped up to the plate to recognize these exceptional Soldiers.

As has been done previously, post secondary education scholarships in the amount of $500 to one or more deserving individuals will be awarded later this fall. The eligibility requirement for a scholarship submission is that the individual is a member of the Griffon Association or is a dependant of a member of the association.

Finally, the association is an avenue for past and present members of the 108th Training Command to gather socially.  It is the intention of the board to conduct a social gathering during 2010 at a location convenient to the maximum numbers of association members.

The 108th Griffon Association is a non-profit organization where all monies are received through membership drives or donations and is 100% tax deductible. All monies received are contributed back to the command with a minimal amount used for administrative operating expenses and most of the leg work is done by the association board and other volunteers.

Soldiers, civilians and retirees of the 108th  Training Command (IET) are eligible to join the 108th Griffon Association.  Membership is $10 per year. Please mail completed applications to P.O. Box 3348, Asheboro N.C. 27204. Additionally, applications for the scholarship program should be returned to P.O. Box 3348 by August 1, 2010, in order for scholarships to be awarded before the beginning of the current academic year. Email questions or requests to: [email protected].

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