What UMT Has Done For Me

06/08/2010  |  Sgt. Heddleson

Sgt. Heddleson

UMT has helped me in more ways than I thought possible. I am in the Air Force Reserves and have a full time job with the Government as a Civil Service employee at Robins AFB. I am also married to my wonderful wife Rebecca and have a beautiful nine-year-old daughter, Brooklyn. Before UMT, I was attending a local college, Macon State University in Macon, GA, enrolled in their Pre-Engineering degree program. It was a 30-minute drive, to and from school. I loved going to class and interacting with the students and teachers but found that working full time, going to school full time, keeping my daughter on the weekends, and going to the Reserves one weekend a month was wearing me out quick.

My goal at the time was to be an engineer on base. I soon found out that the local engineering school here did not offer any night time classes in engineering. It was too inconvenient to travel to any other school, so I was back to square one. I had kept working on my engineering core until I could come up with another plan, praying that god would give me an answer. 

He soon did just that. I started looking into the other highly technical jobs on base and discovered that Computer Scientists were considered on the same pay scale and status as engineers. That got me thinking — I have always loved technology and computers have always fascinated me as well. I did some research on the requirements for employment and found that I would qualify for an Entry-Level Computer Science position upon obtaining a BS in Computer Science from an accredited university.

I looked at different online schools for months, weighed out my options, and kept going back to UMT.  My counselor, Laura, from UMT helped me out every step of the way. She was more than happy to help me in not only getting me enrolled, but with every question I had. UMT accepted most of my military credits along with all of my prior college credits. The other schools didn’t accept nearly as many credits. UMT’s flexible self-paced model helped me to work on my own time when I was able too. I used my Reserve Tuition Assistance and it paid for everything but books. 

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS degree in Computer Science. My high GPA at UMT along with a little networking at Robins AFB has contributed to my landing of a new career in the field of my concentration. This has all happened much faster than it would have taken at a traditional university. I have been telling all my Reserve friends and Active Duty Military that I work with about the advantages of going to UMT. There have been several people that signed up once they seen how much better it was. I plan on taking a year off and going back to UMT for masters program.

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