Orlando’s new Treasure Tavern

06/08/2010  | 

 Construction has started on a new 240-seat theater for Treasure Tavern, a dining experience for adults in Orlando, Fla.

Featuring comedians, acrobats and dancers themed to a Caribbean outpost for rum and good times, Treasure Tavern is opening this summer in the heart of the International Drive tourist area.

The adventure begins as Gretta, the tavern’s outlandish bar maven, escorts guests through a two-hour show filled with excitement, entertainment, rum and a three-course dinner. Through the night, guests are treated to artistic acrobats, singers, dancers and comedians from across the globe, that have gathered in this unique location for fun.

Treasure Tavern is owned and operated by Odien, Inc. the parent company of Pirate’s Dinner Adventure. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure and Treasure Tavern are located one block from world famous International Drive.
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