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Where Wondrous Christmas Trees and Shopping Sprees Welcome Visitors

11/19/2019  | 

It’s no wonder that Branson, Missouri goes all out to celebrate Christmas. Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Ozark Mountains and renowned as the live music show capital of the world, at any time of year the city offers its guests the most heartwarming and genuine of welcomes. Come the holidays, those greetings grow more joyous than ever as Branson’s people, its natural treasures, its memorable attractions and live shows, and singular shopping experiences all express the Christmas spirit so exuberantly that abundant goodwill truly reigns toward every man, woman, and child.

Starting on the first weekend of November, residents and visitors alike gaze in amazement at a town that has miraculously become America’s Christmas Tree City —its proud official title since 2017. This year’s displays are bigger and better than ever, with almost one thousand brilliantly decorated large trees on public display all around the greater Branson area. (And that number doesn’t even include another thousand-plus trees within Branson’s renowned 1880s theme park Silver Dollar City.)

Meanwhile, the city’s stores abound in the holiday spirit, welcoming shoppers into their own exceptional Christmas-themed shopping experiences featuring distinctive gift items that will help them bring home the warmth of Christmas Branson-style. It all adds up an experience that bestows the greatest gifts of all: peace, joy, and unforgettable memories.

Anyone who visits Branson in November or December can’t go very far without seeing some sort of spectacular Christmas tree, or groupings of trees, on public display. And many of them are perfect spots to take selfies — or let’s call them “elfies” for the holidays—to share on social media.

Natural evergreens, of course, number among the highlights. Some of the most prominent ones welcome visitors to attractions along West Hwy. 76 Country Boulevard, more formally known as the Branson Entertainment District, home to most of its entertainment venues. These include the 29-foot traditional evergreen lit by more than 2,500 soft white LED lights in front of the Branson Ferris Wheel; a 28-foot evergreen that welcomes guests to Dolly Parton’s Stampede; and a beautifully accessorized 26-foot evergreen in front of the Grand Country Resort.

Possibly Branson’s most amazing tree, however, is the eight-story-tall accurate portrayal of an evergreen that forms the centerpiece of Joy on Town Square, the brand-new Christmas experience at Branson’s stellar amusement park, Silver Dollar City. Covered in literally hundreds of thousands of LED and RGB lights, part of more than a million lights in a show that repeats every 15 minutes, the tree seems literally to come alive with animated holiday imagery, including falling snowflakes and Santa riding his sleigh.

Christmas shopping opportunities in Branson are as delightful, and delightfully extensive and varied, as the Christmas trees. The city’s stores abound with holiday decorations and special gift items, many of which would be hard to find anywhere else. And shopkeepers are more than happy to wrap, pack, and ship gift purchases, making shopping just as easy and far more fun than online—not to mention the many unique or hard-to-find stocking stuffers you can find in Branson.

Visitors who come to Silver Dollar City to experience Joy on Town Square would be wise to do some holiday shopping there as well. Not only was it named one of America’s top five amusement parks by USA Today, but the more than 100-acre attraction also features a demonstrating colony of 100 resident craftspeople who create and sell late-19th-century American heritage skills like woodcarving, glassblowing, knife-making, blacksmithing, pottery, leatherwork, candle-making, cookery, candy-making and more.

Old-time gifts from a different era await shoppers at Dick’s 5 and 10, a traditional mid-20th-century variety store founded in 1961 in the heart of Branson’s Downtown Historic District. In a 1,500-square-foot, miraculously jam-packed store where model trains run on tracks overhead, collectibles displays enthrall at every turn of the head, and classic Christmas songs constantly play, aisle after aisle showcase more than 250,000 different nostalgic, hard-to-find, sometimes indispensable items that most kids today have never seen and their parents and grandparents thought they would never see again: candies, soda pops, sports items, home trends, toys and games, books, superhero items, classic collectibles, souvenirs, inspirational gifts, housewares, embroidery and notions, nostalgia, and you’ve-got-to-see-it-to-believe-it quirky and fun aisles.

The authentic hospitality, generosity of spirit, and wonderful memories in the making to be found in Branson, Missouri will delight your family during the Christmas season.

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