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Leaders of Change and Customer Focused

Leaders of Change and Customer Focused

09/20/2010  |  Larry M. Cruz Supervisory Command Executive Officer
108th Training Command (IET)
From the desk of the SCXO...

It was great seeing you all in San Antonio recently at our annual Full Time Support Conference. As I mentioned there and I’ll reiterate now; it’s great having the 104th Training Division (Leader Training) joining our ranks. If we were an NFL team, we would have the makings of a Super Bowl contender with all the talent we have at our Command Headquarters’ (yes, we do) the Drill Sergeant School, the 95TH Training Division (IET) the 98TH Training Division (IET) and the 104th Training Division (LT).

I would challenge you all to stay true to our conference theme of “Leaders of Change/Customer Focus” and work day in and day out to make this the absolute best organization in the United States Army Reserve.

Again, I want to take a moment to welcome Brig. Gen. Stall and his family to the 108th as he has recently been officially nominated and selected to command the 108th Training Command and will soon pin on his second star.

I’ve got Maj. Jimmie Niblettbethel actively looking for our next conference site which right now, is shaping up to be San Diego, Calif. Of course, we’ll have to run the numbers and see how things work out. At present, it appears that sometime in August 2011 will be the optimal timeframe.

We’ll be looking to fill the SCXO position at the 95th Training Division sometime soon and so I would encourage all you stellar GS-12’s to throw your name in the hat. I can’t help but tell you all how proud I am of our FTS workforce and the dedication, loyalty and quality of work you all are producing.

As the fiscal year comes to an end, let’s look back at any lessons learned and apply such to future operations to ensure we are moving forward in a timely and efficient manner.

I look forward to seeing you all on our upcoming travels throughout the remainder of this fiscal year and next year. Stay mission focused and positive and we’ll see you all on the high ground!

The Flag is Moving Forward!
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Created by Andrzej in 2/11/2012 7:51:01 AMYou’re quite wlomece! When you finish your training, drop us a note to tell us how you liked it!Best. – Mike G.