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Army to focus on motorcycle safety in May

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (May 1, 2013) — May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and while the nationwide campaign sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urges drivers to share the road with motorcyclists, Army officials are pl... More >>

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The Best of the Best Judges the Rest

FORT DEVENS, Mass. —The fight is on; Soldiers have all but come to fisticuffs and are throwing each other down, and grappling fiercely as they attempt to subdue their opponent. Sweat beads on the warrior’s faces as they attempt to gain dominance o... More >>

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Strengthening Families in a Turbulent Environment

SEATTLE, Wash. — On March 25, members of the 88th Regional Support Command (RSC) and their partners from all over the United States, gathered here at the Mayflower Park Hotel. Their mission? To increase their relationship resiliency in the turbule... More >>

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Soldiers Gold Mine Nuggets to keep you informed

G1 Nugget ADPAAS Awareness WHAT is ADPAAS? ADPAAS stands for Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System. It is the official web-based system used by the US Army to account for its personnel in the event of a major na... More >>

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Secretary of Army sets acquisition reform, outreach as priorities

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Jan. 6, 2009) — Secretary of the Army John McHugh gave Pentagon staffers a “preliminary report” today after his first three months in office, asking them to continue supporting Soldier and Family programs, focus more... More >>

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Volunteers lay 15,000 wreaths at Arlington Cemetery

ARLINGTON, Va. (Army News Service, Dec. 15, 2009) — Volunteers placed some 15,000 wreaths on headstones at Arlington National Cemetery, Dec. 12, as part of a tradition that has continued now for 18 years. More >>

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Army to increase medevac support, add new CAB, more UAVs

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Jan. 7, 2010) — The Army’s top operations officer said yesterday that not only will the Army add a new combat aviation brigade to the warfight, it will also increase the number of aircraft in medical evacuation compa... More >>

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Army Reserve seeks to ‘balance the force’ with seasoned Soldiers

ARLINGTON, Va. (Army News Service, Dec. 14, 2009) -- The Army Reserve has increased its ranks by 20,000 and continues to meet its recruiting goals, but there are some gaps that remain unfilled in mid-level ranks and different specialties. More >>

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Commentary: Mentor Young Soldiers

This Army is full of bright, motivated Soldiers who are yearning to learn more about their jobs and how to be leaders themselves. Young Soldiers need guidance from their squad leaders, platoon leaders and anyone else willing to pay attention to t... More >>

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Newly trained counter-IED teams deploy to Afghanistan

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Oct. 13, 2009) — Servicemembers who participated in the first state-side training program for joint counter-IED teams have just arrived in Afghanistan for a year-long assignment. The Tidal Sun pilot program traine... More >>

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