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Spiritual Resilience and Presence at 2021 Cadet Summer Training

Greetings Timberwolves! First, let me introduce myself as I’m relatively new to the division and then I’d like to share a few key experiences I had at Cadet Summer Training this summer. More >>

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Spiritual and Mental Resilience in the COVID-19 Environment

Memes abound describing COVID-19 and the year 2020. What we hoped would be 14 to 30 days has turned into seven months as I write this article. It looks like we will deal with this virus and its effects for some time yet to come. This likely means co... More >>

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A Voice of Hope in Crisis

Billy Graham — the internationally-known evangelist who preached the gospel to countless people around the world during his lifetime — offered a clear message of hope during times of war to members of the Armed Services. More >>

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104th Division (LT) UMT Workshop: Shoulder-To-Shoulder

REFORMATION The word reformed is a verb. It is action based. The definition of “reformed” is to make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it. No matter the context, refor... More >>

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The Value of a Chaplain

The U.S. Army Reserve is uniquely composed of service members who often live hours from their home units and sometimes even further from the leaders charged with their well being. Additionally, the men and women of the Army Reserve work full time jo... More >>

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The More Things Change

I used to believe the old adage, “The more things change the more they remain the same.” As life goes by, I have noticed the potential for cynicism, and a basic tendency towards feeling negative regarding change.  As a general rule, people don’t lik... More >>

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Echo Mission transforms to adapt to new battlefield

Fort Jackson, S.C. — In the hot, humid late afternoon of July 20, a platoon of Basic Combat Training (BCT) Soldiers are conducting a patrol near their command post’s area of operations during their final Field Training Exercise (FTX) deep inside o... More >>

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Unit Ministry Team provides religious support at Cadet Summer Training mission

Fort Knox, Ky. — From late-May to mid-August more than 7,000 Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets rotate into and out of FT Knox.   They attend one of two “camps”:  Basic or Advanced.  Basic Camp is for students early in their college ca... More >>

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Drill Sergeant Trail Led Him to Chaplaincy

Lynchburg, Va. — God, family and country is not just a phrase. It has been a way of life for one Army Reserve Soldier that all started at an early age. Immediately after high school, 2nd Lt. Craig Dowdy, 2/317th, 98th Training Division (Ini... More >>

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Strong Bonds Schedule FY 2016 81st Regional Support Command

Which Venue Should I Register For? Singles Event: Register for if you are not legally married. Free childcare is provided for children ages 0-6 (must be registered in DEERS). You may NOT bring a significant other or a friend. If you would like... More >>

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Unit Ministry Team Cadet Training

FORT KNOX, Ky. — Chaplain (Maj.) Todd Wolf, 104th Training Division (LT) Division Chaplain, conducts role play training with the Unit Ministry Team’s Cadets during the two-day Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training at Cadet Summer Training 1... More >>

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Chaplains Corner

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On July 11, 2014, a total of 16 Soldiers from the 108th Training Command HQ attended the Military Appreciation Luncheon at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, N.C. The following were Soldier’s reflections and comments on this ... More >>

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Peace to all who read these words.

It’s been an interesting first couple of months as the new Deputy Command Chaplain for the 108th Training Command (IET). I’ve had the opportunity to meet Soldiers, civilians and Family members here at the headquarters and I am looking forward to “ge... More >>

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Giving versus Sharing

As I make a transition from the 104th Training Division to HQ USARC, I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who touched my life and allowed me to minister among them. Thank you to the leaders that shaped my thinking and afforded me the p... More >>

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Mentoring the next generation Soldier

Every Soldier has committed to memory and practice the Seven Core Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. Each of these values shapes and informs our conduct, decisions and our lives. As a Sold... More >>

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