$16,000 raised for our Soldiers and Families
$16,000 raised for our Soldiers and Families

Charles E. McCartney, Jr. | 09/04/2012

On the 26th of September, 2011, 23 teams kicked off the first annual Soldiers and Families Golf Tournament in a shotgun start. Players arrived to patriotic music played by the 208th Army Band, registered and set off to the practice tee. Following completion of registration, the formal start of the tournament included mistress of ceremonies Allison Latos from Charlotte’s WSOC-TV, Channel 9, Eyewitness News team, who was introduced by MG (Ret) McCartney, President of the 108th Griffon Association. Following their remarks, a color guard from the Statesville High Junior ROTC presented the colors, the band played the National Anthem and an invoca... Read More...

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Preparing for a great school year

By Tracy Klicka | 09/04/2012

My favorite time of year for me as a homeschooling mom is right before we start up a new school year. I’m excited about spending time learning with my children and teaching them new things. I enjoy picking out new literature we’re going to read together and finding interesting field trips we can take in conjunction with our topics of study. I love the thought of my kids being engaged in their education—wanting to learn, working hard, and being committed to their own discovery. They love reading and this adds to my love of homeschooling. Read More...

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TRADOC and Army helping Soldiers receive civilian credentialing for attending military schools

By Sgt. 1st Class Kelly Jo Bridgwater | 09/04/2012

FORT EUSTIS, Va. (June 21, 2012) — The Army’s Training and Doctrine Command is working to increase opportunities for Soldiers to receive civilian credentialing for attending military schools. Training and Doctrine Command, known as TRADOC, is responsible for teaching roughly 150 military occupational specialties to enlisted Soldiers using 15 schools across eight locations, providing nearly 200,000 Army professionals each year with opportunities to become experts in their field. Read More...

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New partnership links Soldiers to employers
New partnership links Soldiers to employers

| 09/04/2012

What is it? The Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces (EPAF) is a Department of Defense program created to link Americas employers with some of Americas finest employees - service members and their families. The free partnership program helps leverage military training and experience for better career opportunities in todays civilian job market and is available to all military reserve members, veterans, and their families. Geographically dispersed Program Support Managers help Soldiers find suitable employment by posting information about job fairs and offering assistance with job applications, resume creation and interview skills im... Read More...

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4 benefits to hiring military personnel

By Joe Schembril | 09/04/2012

An increasing number of civilian employers are becoming more aware of the unique strengths former military personnel can bring with them to a civilian job. Whether you are a business leader considering expanding your work force, or a veteran considering which qualities to highlight in your cover letter, reviewing these top four military-related attributes that top executives find most attractive will help you simplify the task at hand. Read More...

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Using your social network

By Lida Citroen | 09/04/2012

Q: I’ve heard it said that social media is powerful in helping build visibility (especially in a job search). Do you agree? A: Absolutely! For most of us, our online profiles are the first place a potential employer, interviewer or recruiter will go to try to find us. For this reason, I have several tips for building a powerful online personal brand. Read More...

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Three Rivers, Lake Kaweah and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
Three Rivers, Lake Kaweah and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
Military friendly with terrific R&R

| 09/04/2012

Horseback Riding There’s nothing like riding the Three Rivers foothills in the Fall, past mountain oaks as they turn from green to gold in the autumn light, and hilltop views, along with snow-melt river crossings, and striking fall color, guided by expert Christy Wood of Wood ‘N’ Horse who has 25 years as a World Champion Trainer and Instructor in all disciplines. For more information or to make an appointment for your ride, visit . Read More...

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Film, Sand and Space ... Alamogordo, New Mexico
Film, Sand and Space ... Alamogordo, New Mexico

| 09/04/2012

Filmmakers and tourists alike are welcomed with wave-like ever changing dunes at nearby White Sands National Monument, and other local and unique geological formations. In addition to these attractions, there is a diversity of locations available with a variance in altitude, climate, and terrain all within a 20 to 40 minute drive within the Tularosa Basin. Alamogordo is a thriving city of over 34,000 residents transformed from a railroad, ranching and farming hamlet into a progressive vibrant community. Developed in 1898 as a rail junction with nearby mountain lumber railroad, today Alamogordo presents a diverse economic base in a progressiv... Read More...

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