Veterans Green Jobs and GRID Alternatives Spark Partnership

| 02/13/2013

DENVER, February 13, 2013  – Veterans Green Jobs, a nonprofit organization that puts veterans to work in the green economic sector, is launching a partnership with  GRID Alternatives , an Oakland, Calif.-based nonprofit solar installer. Through this partnership, the two organizations will advance training and employment opportunities for military veterans in the clean energy field nationwide. Read More...

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Supporting the Homeschool Community

| 01/11/2013

The Home School Foundation is a nationwide organization whose mission is to bless homeschool families and further the cause of homeschooling.    Read More...

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From the 95th Division Commander...
From the 95th Division Commander...

Brig. Gen. A. Ray Royalty | 12/03/2012

To members of the 95th Training Division team — I trust this finds your rucksack always close at hand in anticipation for the “On order, be prepared to ....” While the future across a global landscape appears unstable on any given day, our commitment to readiness requires diligence, focus, and vigilance — everyday. This is about attitude — taking the challenge — and standing firm when others run at the first sound of gunfire. An “equipment check” is in order everyday for each of us — mentally, physically, and spiritually. The 95th Training Division Commander’s Conference conducted in Oklahoma City in September deserves the label of “suc... Read More...

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Mentoring Future Army Leaders and demonstrating the role of the Citizen Soldier
Mentoring Future Army Leaders and demonstrating the role of the Citizen Soldier
From the 104th Division Commander...

Brig. Gen. Kurt Hardin | 12/03/2012

It’s mid July at Joint-Base Lewis McChord, and a cadet is going through the IED lane during the Leadership Development and Assessment Course, Operation Warrior Forge. A blast goes off and immediately a cadre member wearing a Timberwolf patch on his left shoulder tells a cadet, “You’re a casualty.” The other cadets quickly assess the injuries and perform first aid while the 104th Soldier evaluates the process and procedures. What is a US Army Reserve Soldier doing at the Active Duty Cadet Command training event? Part of the 104th Training Division’s mission is to provide military education, reception, and training to future officers in s... Read More...

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Cache in your skills
Cache in your skills

By Capt. Dale McCurdy | 12/03/2012

The objective was less than 100 meters away, but there were too many civilians in the area to assault the objective. Stealth would be required to approach the cache. The hunter casually glanced at his GPS-enabled smartphone to get one last fix on his target. The cache was hidden in plain sight, but he would have to be at the exact coordinates to have any chance of locating the camouflaged container. The target was a microcache, clandestinely hidden under a park bench. The seeker’s battle buddy had already fixed the position and was moving to contact. She took one last look around for observers and casually set down on the bench. Pre... Read More...

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95th conducts STX
95th conducts STX

By 3/334, 4th Brigade, 95th Training Division (IET) | 12/03/2012

FORT MCCOY, Wis. — The 3/334, 4th Brigade, 95th Training Division (IET) conducted a Situational Training Exercise (STX) at Fort McCoy, Wis. The training incorporated several of the Army Warrior Tasks (AWT) and battle drills including key leader engagement, reacting to unexploded ordinance (UXO) and improvised explosive devices (IED), reacting to contact, moving under direct fire, and conducting a casualty evacuation (CASEVAC). The training was prefaced by a battalion level concept plan of operations providing each company with approximately 12 hours to prepare for their respective mission. Each STX scenario included local nationals a... Read More...

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Drill Sergeants, United Blood Services unite to give back to Acadiana
Drill Sergeants, United Blood Services unite to give back to Acadiana

By 1st Lt. Lance Landreneau | 12/03/2012

LAFAYETTE, La. — The 1/378th Regiment, 98th Training Division (IET) teamed up with the United Blood Services on Saturday morning to host a community blood drive at their United States Army Reserve Center in Lafayette. Through a combined effort, the blood mobile was able to collect 11 pints of blood that will be used in the future by local people in need. “I gave blood because I want to help save lives,” said Spc. Tesa Cormier, a Soldier with the 1/378th Regt. “I know there are people out there counting on us to donate and I just wanted to do my part.” Read More...

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Plan for an uneventful winter

By Chris Black | 12/03/2012

As we enter the winter months, here are some helpful safety tips for Soldiers, civilians and their Family members to ensure everyone has a safe and uneventful season. As the seasons change, so do the hazards. There are a significant number of safety challenges that can present themselves due to falling temperatures and increased holiday activities that can negatively impact you on road, around the house, and outdoors. Hopefully, the “best practices” highlighted here will assist you and your Family in keeping mayhem at bay. As winter approaches, it is important to prepare yourself, your vehicles, and your home for the extreme challenges the w... Read More...

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