Veterans Green Jobs Expands Reach to California 100,000+ Unemployed Veteran

DENVER, Colo., April 8, 2013  – Veterans Green Jobs, a nonprofit organization that puts veterans to work in the green economic sector, is expanding its operations in California to reach more unemployed veterans who are seeking employment and trainin... More >>

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Veteran Green Jobs Receives $250,000 Grant

Grant Supports Expansion of Veteran Employment Efforts in California, Colorado DENVER, March 20, 2013  – Veterans Green Jobs, a nonprofit organization that puts veterans to work in the green economic sector, announced that it has r... More >>

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Looking For That Next Job? — Start Preparations Now

Transitioning from military to civilian life can be challenging One of the biggest mistakes a service member can make is to not make adequate preparations for a given mission. The same holds true for the process of transitioning to civilian life... More >>

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Chase World Class Trout and Salmon in Oswego County, NY

Anglers around the world travel to Oswego County by the thousands to enjoy a world-class fishing experience and enjoy the scenic and pristine character of Lake Ontario and its tributary streams, the Salmon and Oswego rivers. More >>

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From the 95th Division Commander...

To members of the 95th Training Division team — I trust this finds your rucksack always close at hand in anticipation for the “On order, be prepared to ....” While the future across a global landscape appears unstable on any given day, our commitmen... More >>

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Forging the Future

JOINT BASE LEWIS MCCHORD, Wash. — The Timberwolf Leadership Team gathered on the snowy outskirts of Joint Base Lewis McChord in December with representatives of the U.S. Army Cadet Command to plan and schedule the future of every ROTC cadet and futu... More >>

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Soldier’s Gold Mine Nuggets to you informed

G1 Soldiers May Be Entitled to Additional PDMRA Days A change was made to DoD Instruction 1327-06 effective 1 October 2011 that capped the maximum number of PDMRA days to two and eliminated CONUS based Title 10: 12302 orders from being ... More >>

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Mentoring the next generation Soldier

Every Soldier has committed to memory and practice the Seven Core Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. Each of these values shapes and informs our conduct, decisions and our lives. As a Sold... More >>

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Military OneSource Connects Troops, Families to Resources

WASHINGTON, Nov. 27, 2012 — As the Information Age continues to shape modern communication, the Defense Department has revitalized and consolidated the Military OneSource website to better serve military members and their families, a Pentagon offi... More >>

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Enlisted Promotions Checklists — ‘An Ounce of Prevention’

Enlisted promotions involve TWO distinct processes. The first step is the recommendation for promotion, which culminates when a recommended Soldier gets placed onto a Regional Support Command’s Permanent Promotion Recommended List. The second step o... More >>

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Texting Fail!

Thanks to smartphones and the Internet, videos of people walking and texting their way into an embarrassing adventure aren’t difficult to find. While they may provide a laugh, distracted walking accidents can hurt or even prove fatal. More >>

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Do you want to be a Unit Public Affairs Representative?

As the 108th Training Command (IET) continues to grow, it will be difficult for the Public Affairs Staff to visit each brigade, battalion and company to cover news events. Public Affairs is the responsibility of commanders and Soldiers alike. More >>

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News from the 108th Griffon Association

In just about every area, 2012 was again a successful year for the Griffon Association. Only in the area of membership increase did we not get to where we need to be, which is back up in the 300 plus members we had five or six years ago. Currently w... More >>

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The Online option

Courtesy Are you an active duty servicemember, a single parent or both? Do you serve onboard a Navy ship, a Coast Guard cutter or somewhere overseas? Does it seem you just don’t have enough time to pursue a “real” college degree?... More >>

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Study skills for the online adult learner

Courtesy Imagine completing your college degree while sitting in front of your home computer, wearing your favorite pajamas. You accomplish this feat entirely online, at night and on weekends, all while serving full-time in the m... More >>

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