From the Commanding General

To my Teammates of the 108th Training Command, it is my great privilege to share opportunities of your successes with others.  That was no less the case when I was honored by the invitation of an extraordinary leader and partner, CSM Gilmer, the Com... More >>

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From the Command Sergeant Major

Today started out good because like almost every day, it started with physical fitness training. I know I say this often in my articles but when you start your day off with PT, it’s going to be a great day because PT sets the tone of the day. T... More >>

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Taking Up the Army Challenge

Serving our country in the Armed Forces is a challenge in itself.  The life of a United States Armed Forces service member is unlike most other forms of employment.  Although other businesses have contracts, the contract you sign or oath you take wi... More >>

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Female Drill Sergeants Play Vital Role

The drill sergeant hat is an icon in the Army that creates vivid images. When people see a Soldier wearing it, they immediately feel respect because they know it is a job that is earned, not given. The hat that comes to mind for most, is the ma... More >>

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It Takes a Village

For many, Valentine’s Day is a swirl of red and pink decorations, candies, flowers, cards and meals that celebrate loving relationships and intimate bonds. For the families involved in Survivor Outreach Services in Rochester, New York, this day is j... More >>

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Task Force Marshall Change of Command

CAMP MCCRADY, S.C. — Soldiers and Sailors gathered at Camp McCrady, Eastover, S.C., for the Task Force Marshall transfer of authority ceremony Jan. 5, 2017.  The Task Force Marshall training mission formed in 2004, and the 108th Training Comm... More >>

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Task Force Marshall

Task Force Marshall, a battalion size element of 108th Training Command (IET) drill sergeants and civilians provide a three week basic skills refresher course to include basic rifle marksmanship and first aid instruction to U.S. Navy individual augm... More >>

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98th NCO Earns Top Honors at Drill Sergeant Academy

Earning the title of drill sergeant is an accomplishment not all Soldiers can achieve. However, Army Reservist, Staff Sgt. Briana Popp, did just that and more. After completing the challenging nine-week drill sergeant course at The Drill Sergea... More >>

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In Your Face Basketball Shootout

Over the past 10 years Charlotte, North Carolina has been hosting the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Basketball Tournament. An event that draws in excess of 190,000 fans, students and alumni, the CIAA tournament offers drill sergeants ... More >>

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‘Our John Wayne’ Lt. Col. Chuck Kettles Earns The Medal of Honor 50 Years After a Heroic Rescue in Vietnam

(This article was reprinted with permission from the Winter 2017 edition of  “The Officer” magazine.) Former Staff Sgt. Dewey Smith was among eight infantrymen laying down suppressive fire for dozens of Soldiers as they scrambled onto helicop... More >>

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Mission Complete

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Soldiers of Task Force Marshall Detachment Five have spent the last year training Sailors for future missions around the world. As of Jan. 23, 2016, only one thing stood between them and stepping foot on Puerto Rican soil –... More >>

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From the 95th Training Division (IET) Commander

We are a Drill Sergeant division. We provide trained and ready Drill Sergeants in support of Army Initial Entry Training when and where required. We are extremely good at what we do. Our partners in the active Army tell us time and time again that t... More >>

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From the 95th Command Sergeant Major

It has been a little over a year now since having the privilege of joining the 95th Division as the Division Command Sergeant Major. I am extremely proud to be back in the Victory Division serving with the Iron Men of Metz; the Soldiers who were rea... More >>

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Back to the Basics: Enabling Our Leaders to Make our Army Ready

As the current Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen. Mark A. Milley, has stated in many forums, readiness is our top priority – why is it so difficult? As a leader of a brigade, I would like to ask any leader reading this article if you find readiness ea... More >>

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Forging Enduring Partnership and Civilians to Soldiers FLS ECHO MISSION FY 17

Photos by 95th Training Division(IET) As 2nd Brigade, 95th Training Division (IET) begins its Echo Mission support for fiscal year 2017, a new partnership has been forged to ensure effective and sustained support of the Brigades partner unit:... More >>

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