From the Commanding General

108th Training Command Teammates, Recently, I had the opportunity to visit The Veteran’s Coffee Shop in Mooresville, N.C.  During the visit, I was honored to be able to meet nearly 200 Veterans, the oldest being 95 years old and the youngest wa... More >>

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The Last Article

This is the last article I will be writing as your CSM and as the CSM of the 108th Training Command, the greatest command in the US Army. My tenure and military career will end on 15 July 2018. I will be retiring after forty years of continuous serv... More >>

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108th Soldiers find camaraderie, training in competition

Two Soldiers from the 108th Training Command (Initial Entry Training) competed side by side with 34 other Soldiers from commands throughout the world at the U.S. Army Reserve Command’s Best Warrior Competition in Fort Bragg, North Carolina June 10-1... More >>

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Seven Army Reserve commands combine Best Warrior Competitions at Fort Knox

Seven U.S. Army Reserve commands tested their Soldiers in a Best Warrior Competition at Fort Knox, Kentucky, April 9-13. The five-day, 10-event competition assessed more than 40 Citizen-Soldiers from across the United States to select each command’s... More >>

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Behind the Lens – Ghost Writers tell the story

A good story keeps the reader’s interest. A great story makes the reader feel or act. Regardless of the format—pictures, videos or articles—stories have the power to freeze time and capture a moment of history that can never be recreated. Sure,... More >>

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‘Yes We Can, Yes We Do’

WEST POINT, NY - The difference between success and failure is a team that is guided by great leadership. In the Army, in order for a platoon of Soldiers to be successful, the role of the Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) holds great value.  An NC... More >>

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U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers: Always on the Trail

Soldiers from across the U.S. Army Reserve bring a unique set of skills to the Army; they not only serve their country but they also have a civilian lifestyle and occupations that mirror their military skills. Military training of Army Reserve ... More >>

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Forever Family

Although there are many reasons people choose to adopt a child, one of the most compelling can be simply because a parent believes that saving a child from growing up without the benefits of a supportive, loving family is reason enough. Sgt. 1s... More >>

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From the 95th Training Division (IET) Commander

The 95th Division has a long and rich history. It is most famous for its role in World War II, where “The Iron Men of Metz” earned their nickname, defeating heavy German resistance to capture the fortress city of Metz as part of the Allied push into... More >>

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Snowy 6 Mile Bug Line Trail Ruck

It’s summer now, but snow was still on the ground in April when Bravo Company 1/334 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) conducted another epic march during Battle Assembly. This year the Company rucked six miles on the historic Bug Line trail in Menomonee Falls.... More >>

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2-48th Dragoons Host Change of Command

FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — The transition of power from one commander to another has been a tradition in the United States Army for 243 years. The Dragoons, 2nd Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment are of no exception to this tradition. On May 24,... More >>

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From the 98th Training Division (IET) Commander

      Over this last quarter, I have had the opportunity to visit four separate battalions (3-330IN, 1-321IN, 3-323IN, and Task Force Marshall) conducting training outside of their respective Reserve Centers (Ruck March, M203, M4, M9,... More >>

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From the Command Sergeant Major

I have been a proud Warrior of the 98th Iroquois Division since April 15, 2018. I have been given my priorities by the 108th Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Mark Mcqueen, and the 98th Commanding General, Brig. Gen. Miles Davis.  I have moved out to ex... More >>

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Army Reserve Soldier takes command of Infantry Basic Officer Leaders Course at Fort Benning

FORT BENNING, Ga. — U.S. Army Reserve Capt. Andrew V. Burns, 98th Training Division (Initial Entry Training), just accomplished something no Reserve Soldier has done in more than 30 years—he took command of an Active Duty Infantry Basic Officer Le... More >>

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1BDE Family Day

More >>

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